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Planning your next move

Will your furniture fit? (Find out online)

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March 26th, 2013
Interactive floor plan

When we think of the Internet, we think interactive. Very little of what we do online involves mere static print on a screen. The list of activities is limitless. Whether you re shopping, playing games, or taking a virtual tour of a historic site (maybe the White House or a Civil War battlefield), chances are you re immersing yourself in the material as an active participant rather than a passive bystander. Several years ago, software designer Andrew Stark thought those in the market for an apartment could benefit from the same concept. The result was Design Floor Plan (, an online-based interactive floor planner that allows people to see themselves in their new digs before they sign the lease. Our experience is that when prospective residents consider a new apartment, they re thinking about size, they re thinking about furniture, says Stark, the president of Design Floor Plan. They want to know if a big-screen TV will fit in their bedroom or the sofa in their family room. They also want to know how they can arrange these items throughout their living space.

Plan your virtual space

Stark s proprietary design enables them to do just that, providing a full gallery of virtual furniture that users can position within the layout, scale to the size of their actual furniture, and rotate to suit the orientation of a specific room. Turning a static floor plan into an immersive experience adds a personal dynamic to the living space layout, says Stark. People can see themselves living there. This is especially important atErickson Living (, which recently adopted Stark s interactive platform for its own property floor plans. For our clients, most of whom are downsizing, an important factor in their choice of an apartment home is selecting their favorite furniture, says Michael Hill, director of Web development at Erickson Living. Design Floor Plan addresses that task by allowing users to move, rotate, and resize furniture to see how they would like to arrange each of their rooms. We also wanted an online tool that would work with any device, adds Hill. It doesn t matter if you re using a Mac or PC, a desktop or a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone, you ll be able to access these floor plans, design your layout, print it or email it to a friend, and have fun while you re at it.