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‘I knew I had found the place for me

Prospective residents a top priority at Wind Crest

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April 23rd, 2013

Oregon resident Cliff Butler joined the priority list at Wind Crest in Highlands Ranch, Colo., because he wanted to return to his beloved Rocky Mountains as quickly as possible. A retired Air Force officer and microbiology laboratory scientist, Cliff spent decades of his life in Colorado, where his family still lives. In 2011, he found Wind Crest and decided there was no better place for him to continue his active retirement lifestyle. Once I saw the campus activities book, I knew I had found the place for me, Cliff says.

Retirement on his terms

Since Cliff lives in Salem, Oreg., he knew the only way to keep informed about Wind Crest was to put down the fully refundable $1,000 deposit and join the priority list. (The risk-free deposit is then applied to a resident s entrance deposit when he or she reserves an apartment home or is completely refundable if they change their mind.) As a priority list member, Cliff has the right of first refusal on an available apartment home based on his priority list date. He plans to secure a one bedroom with a den, where he will set up his computer station. And it s also allowed him to experience the campus before he moves the more than 1,300 miles to Highlands Ranch. In March, Cliff stayed in one of Wind Crest s guest suites so he could experience life as a resident. He dined with future neighbors and met with Kristy Herbert in the on-site wellness center to discuss personal training and how best to maintain his active lifestyle. He met with the Erickson Advantage team to discuss his insurance needs. (The Erickson Advantage health plan, available to Erickson Living residents, offers a variety of benefits geared toward prevention and maintaining a healthful and independent lifestyle.) During Cliff s visit, Wind Crest s medical group introduced him to their full range of health care services and wellness opportunities. And he discussed floor plans and layouts with the sales team to determine what furniture would best fit in the floor plan of his choice. Cliff also met with Beth Brandenburg, Wind Crest s personal moving consultant, who has continued giving him advice on downsizing and moving for the last year. It makes a difference that people from the fitness center to the medical staff like working with folks my age, Cliff says. After all, he wants to live in a place where people really know him. These are just some of the benefits of joining the priority list. Everyone here is so nice and accommodating to my every wish, Cliff says. In April, Cliff put his house on the market, working with a real estate agent referred by Wind Crest, and he is confident that the apartment home that best fits his needs will be ready for him when he is ready to move. He also feels no pressure to say yes to something he doesn t want. Because I m on the list, he says, I have the right to pass on an apartment without being moved to the bottom of the list. And that s important to me.

Moving closer to family

Along with people really knowing him, family is important to this outdoor adventure lover. Not only is he an avid fisherman who has been all over the mountains of Colorado, but he s passed his active lifestyle on to his six children, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. My daughter told me that my four youngest granddaughters have the next four years of my life planned for me, Cliff says once he moves to Wind Crest, that is and his 17-year-old granddaughter Alissa, who Cliff rides ATVs with, is just happy and excited to have him in Colorado. Recently, the two went riding down a mountain in Montezuma, Colo. Cliff held tightly onto his granddaughter as she steered. He was both terrified and exhilarated, and she told him, You have to experience some terror, Grandpa, to see these once-in-a-lifetime views. The young woman, who picked him up from Wind Crest after his overnight visit, has inherited her grandfather s adventurous spirit. For the man who has looked into the mouth of a volcano and tested equipment in 50-degree-below-zero temperatures, Cliff has found where he wants to begin the next adventure in life a truly active retirement and he says he couldn t have discovered any of this without first joining the priority list.