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A different kind of breakfast club

Men’s-only group gets going over eggs and coffee

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April 23rd, 2013

A few years ago, Don Pinkston moved with his wife Maria to Tallgrass Creek. One of the things that most delights Don about the Overland Park, Kans., Erickson Living community he now calls home is all of the people he has met there. [Tallgrass Creek] is such a wonderful place; you really can t describe how great it is, Don says. The people are very diverse. They come from different backgrounds and professions, and they enjoy going out and visiting with one another.

A sociable scene

About four years ago, Don teamed up with two of his fellow neighbors, Don Grady and Bill Shurtleff, to form a group specifically for the men living at Tallgrass Creek to get to know each other better. The sociable trio decided to start a club they named the Men s Only Breakfast, which they affectionately refer to as the MOB. We were just talking and trying to come up with something and somebody suggested a breakfast group to get guys socializing a little more, and it sort of evolved, Bill says. Don Grady says the group of about 25 men meets on the third Thursday of each month for a leisurely breakfast. The Men s Only Breakfast started with a core group of a few men and has grown over the years. The members make a point to let all new male residents know about their breakfast club so they can join in on the fun. Tallgrass Creek provides transportation by shuttle so the men don t have to worry about driving to breakfast. Previously, the gang dined each month at a nearby Perkin s restaurant, and they recently started going to Mimi s for breakfast. They have a private room for us and a very good waitress who takes care of us, Don Grady says.

Coffee and conversation

What really keeps them coming back for more are the conversations they have over coffee and eggs. Don Grady says the ladies at Tallgrass Creek have several clubs that give them the chance to simply sit around and chitchat, and the MOB provides a special place for the guys to do the same thing. Naturally, sports are a common topic of conversation. Kansas State gets talked about a lot because we have a lot of people who went there, Don Pinkston says. Another thing many of the men living at Tallgrass Creek have in common is that they served in the military. Don Pinkston says the community is home to 106 veterans, 40 of whom served in World War II. So, of course, we talk about our service time, he says. There is also plenty of light-hearted conversation. Bill says the group swaps stories about their grandchildren, and they talk about upcoming vacations they re planning. Since they all live at a community with more than 50 resident-run clubs and committees, they often get to talking about the different activities they re involved in at Tallgrass Creek. And, of course, plenty of laughter ensues at the gregarious breakfast table. We talk about all of the manly things, and we crack a lot of jokes, Bill says. We re all pretty close friends now.