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Found: the just-right apartment home

Gateway to active life, says couple who lives there

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April 23rd, 2013

George and Tina Lewis first visited Maris Grove, Erickson Living s community in Delaware County, Pa., at the invitation of friends who lived there. As the invitations continued, Maris Grove grew on us, says Tina. I told George, We are really missing something. Their 11-room, 75-year-old house in Rutledge was aging faster than they were. So to stay in charge of their future and avoid burdening their children, George and Tina made a decision. They joined Maris Grove s priority list to establish their place in line for an available apartment home. And with help from the community s Personal Moving Consultant Suzanne McAllister, whose assistance through every step of the moving process is complimentary to priority list members, they started downsizing. In 2009, they listed their house with an agent from McAllister s list of approved real estate and moving professionals. Then the snowbirds went to Florida. While they were gone, Maris Grove painted and freshened their soon-to-be home, a two-bedroom, two-bath Hawthorne floor plan that not only fit their budget but was the perfect size for two people. But the Hawthorne s location near the community s aquatics center and its big bay window were the real selling points. Our house didn t have a front porch, and I d always wanted one, Tina says. The bay is my front porch. George says she loves to sit there and watch the year-round bustle of people outside.

A gleaming home ' makeover

This year, the Lewises had Maris Grove s custom interiors department install new tile flooring in their bathrooms. They bought a stylish new dining room set with clean, simple lines. And Tina gave their china cabinet the same sleek look by removing its bric-a-brac trim. The biggest transformation took place in their great room, where gleaming wood flooring replaced their previous carpeting. And the Lewises, fun couple that they are, found a novel way to keep those floors shining. They don dust-mop-soled slippers and dance around the room. Not that they re homebodies. They re often out volunteering at Channel 11, Maris Grove s in-house TV studio where George does camera and graphics work and Tina handles the audio board. We have a blast, she says. They also volunteer at Rose Court, in the community s continuing care neighborhood. And there s more: she line dances and performs in the community s annual talent show, he belongs to the computer club, and together they masquerade as honeybees to promote the campus bee club yes, hives of real bees right on campus. Tina also dressed up as a frog and entered the couple s aquarium of five African dwarf frogs in Rose Court s pet parade. With their varied schedules, the Lewises opted to be on Maris Grove s 20-meal-a-month plan. Some nights we just want to sit around in our slippers and enjoy comfort food we ve prepared at home, Tina says. That s the kind of people we are. And at Maris Grove, you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it.