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‘Happy the moment we moved in’

Maintenance-free living wins over couple from 55-plus community

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May 21st, 2013

Dorothy and Todd Wendler took several years to decide they wanted to move to Riderwood, an Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, Md. Todd wanted to move; Dorothy didn t. But as soon as they took a bus tour of the 120-acre campus from their house in a 55-plus community, they were more than impressed. And more than ready. Within eight months they had sold their house and made the move.

Positive impressions

Todd and Dorothy had lived at their house for 25 years, so they knew they wanted community living. Todd was tired of house maintenance; Riderwood s maintenance-free living appealed to him. If he heard a squeak or a leak, he had to find it and fix it, Dorothy says. And during a storm, Todd worried that trees would fall on the house, damaging the roof. But once he was living at Riderwood and a storm hit, he said, Let it come! It was the first worry-free storm I had ever experienced in my life. For Dorothy s part, the Riderwood campus and wealth of amenities overcame her initial reluctance. Her new neighbors made the biggest impression on Dorothy. Everybody was so happy! she says. Riderwood s beautifully manicured grounds and landscaping impressed Todd. In fact, both were so impressed from their initial visit that they scheduled more visits to campus and soon joined the priority list, beginning the process of becoming Riderwood community members. Dorothy and Todd worked with the sales staff on choosing their floor plan a two-bedroom, Hastings-style apartment home with a balcony and a beautiful view of the putting greens and fountain. They moved on February 23 and quickly got involved with the community. They became resident ambassadors, sharing their experience with others interested in moving to Riderwood. They have also attended dining meetings, and they re impressed with all that dining services does to please the nearly 3,000 residents taste buds, including theirs! Dorothy satisfies her sweet tooth, and Todd samples a different soup every night. The food is so good at Riderwood s five restaurants, it s hard to believe it s nutritious, too, they say.

Truly worry-free living

Looking back, Dorothy can t believe how hesitant she was to make the move. She thought the 55-plus community was their final move, but now she can t imagine living anywhere else but Riderwood. Now, we re both happy! Todd adds. They like to enjoy a cocktail on their balcony, one of their favorite places on campus. They are delighted to share their experiences and to show their apartment home to prospective residents. They ve even recruited former neighbors from their former community. We were happy the moment we moved in, Todd says, but each day that goes by, we like it more and more.