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Coming home…again

Couple moves away only to realize they were home all along

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May 21st, 2013

Bev and Wally Speers have lived in four different apartments at Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo. And it s not because they re picky. Each moved to Wind Crest separately, and the couple met and married on campus in 2009 (they were, in fact, the first on-campus wedding). Once joined, they combined apartments. But Wally wanted to share a single-family home one with a yard and a garage with his new bride, so they moved away. It didn t take them long to realize that everything they wanted was right where they left it back at Wind Crest.

How they met

Bev moved to Wind Crest in 2007 at the same time as her sister and brother-in-law Dorothy and Roger Schade. Aside from Roger, Bev is the only family I have, Dorothy says, and that s why the threesome did everything together. They moved to campus one day apart, in apartments in the residence building. They even sold their houses on the same day. Wally met Roger at the on-campus woodshop. Dorothy asked Roger if he thought Wally would like a home-cooked meal. When he came for dinner, Bev was there, and Wally was smitten right away. Everyone still remembers the menu a summer barbeque with spare ribs, baked beans, coleslaw, and pineapple, all prepared by Dorothy in her beloved kitchen in the couple s Manchester-style apartment home. After that night, Bev and Wally went to the ballet and opera, and he made her candlelit desserts. That was our dating, Bev smiles. And the threesome was happy to expand its borders and make a foursome when Bev and Wally married. It started out being just a few friends and turned into a royal wedding with over 100 guests, Wally jokes. On the morning of the wedding, April 18, Mother Nature showered them with 18 inches of snow. The couple was concerned that the weather would affect attendance. Luckily, the majority of guests lived on campus, where glass-enclosed walkways connect every building, so few people worried about the snow. Wind Crest s catering services catered the event. Roger gave Bev away, and Dorothy was her matron of honor. It all took place in the beauty and comfort of the community they call home. Both Wally and Bev let go of their individual apartments, and the sales staff helped them find a home that would fit them perfectly. They moved into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom Worthington with a den. They lived there from April 2009 to June 2010. But Wally thought he wanted a traditional house. So the couple settled in a gated community in Parker, Colo.

Realizing their mistake

After just 14 months they realized that maintaining the house was too much for them. We had ten-foot ceilings, and if a bulb went out, we had to pay $40 to have an electrician change it, Wally says. The 2,000-square-foot house was also a 30-minute ride from Wind Crest, and Bev missed her sister and Roger terribly. They also missed the socialization. In the entire time they lived in the house, they saw only a handful of people, and only when Wally took out the garbage. There was no sense of community, Bev says. And after having that at Wind Crest, even Wally realized he missed it. In September 2012, the couple moved back. They wanted their Worthington apartment home that they had shared in Blue Spruce. After all, it had the extra den. But it was unavailable. Molly Dhieux-Thorne, Wind Crest s sales counselor, helped them find their perfect fit once again an Oxford with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. They like the extra room because Wally is always building a dollhouse; if it s not for a family member, it s for a charity. They also expanded their kitchen to install a pantry. Now, the foursome is back together, and they couldn t be happier.