Is it time to stop driving?

Created date

May 21st, 2013

About five years ago, I decided to give up skiing. It s not that I couldn t ski, but I was afraid of getting injured. I miss it, but I don t regret the decision. I also recently got rid of my car. To tell you the truth, I just didn t drive it very often, so what was the point of having it? Of course, I live in New York City, where a car is not a very useful form of transportation, so that made the decision easier for me. For those who need a car to get around, it s more difficult. Or is it?

Financial burden

A car is expensive. Gas is high, insurance costs a fortune, and then there are the repair bills, not to mention the wasted time of waiting around when it s in the shop. Have you ever added up what it costs you to own a car? Most people don t because they say to themselves, What s the point? I need a car, so whatever it costs, I ve just got to fork it over. But before making that decision, maybe you ought to figure out how much it does cost you to have this large machine made for transportation that spends most of the time standing still. And then you ought to calculate what it would cost you to use alternative methods of transportation. You might be surprised at what you find. Costs aren t the only factor in making this decision. The other one is safety, both yours and that of those on the road with you. How would you feel if because of something you did someone got hurt or even killed? I can t tell you what to do when it comes to driving. What I can tell you is that you owe it to yourself, and to those around you, to think seriously about this issue. I know that you don t want anyone else forcing you to make this decision, but think carefully about it, and you ll come to the right conclusion on your own.