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Opposites attract

How two people found love again at Wind Crest

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May 21st, 2013

In early 2012, Audrey and Walter Janiczek moved to Wind Crest two months apart, she as Audrey Lemick. Within Audrey s first few days on the Erickson Living campus in Highlands Ranch, Colo., she dove into as many activities as possible. Because of her adventurous and curious spirit, she wanted to experience new things she never had before, like golf and billiards. After looking through the activities calendar at Wind Crest s 100-plus different clubs, she chose billiards. Pool had always interested her. She walked into the game room during billiards and saw Walter, who, she recalls, Never even looked up at me. And yet, the two have been inseparable ever since. On February 23, 2013, they were married.

Two become one

Walter had originally moved into a spacious, one-bedroom Brighton-style apartment home in Aspen Terrace. The space suited his lifestyle. When they were married, the couple moved into Audrey s Flagstaff-style apartment home. She loves the apartment the windows, light, and view. And it has two bedrooms and one bath, all the space they need. After all, by the time they tied the knot, Walter felt like he belonged in her space; he had hung all the pictures on the walls and put some furniture together, tasks he had offered to do when they first met.

Matchmaker, matchmaker

Audrey says she never thought she would find love again at Wind Crest. She wasn t looking for it. But she found it in her opposite, Walter, whom Audrey lovingly calls a roughneck from Chicago. He worked as a construction foreman, and she s from a successful family from Indiana. She s a talker, he, an observer. She s comedy, he s drama. He s math, I m English, Audrey says. When Audrey first met him, she thought, Oh, I can t handle him. He s got rough edges. Yet all of her friends told her she had met her match. They banter back and forth, and his dry wit makes her giggle. She thought he wasn t for her. And yet, she didn t want to spend her days without him. I just figured she d keep me laughing for the rest of my life, Walter says. But Audrey challenges him, too, questioning everything then laughing about it.

Healthy lifestyle

Audrey attributes her health to the cruise ship lifestyle she lives at Wind Crest. She doesn t cook or work; rather, she spends her days playing. And that is something the new couple does have in common. They play Wii bowling, billiards, golf putting, water volleyball, and Audrey spends as much time swimming in Wind Crest s all-season pool as she can. The pool drew her to Wind Crest. Years before, she wanted to live there, but her late husband never wanted to make the move. After he passed, she knew exactly where she wanted to be. Coincidentally, Walter chose Colorado because of the climate and because some of his kids live close by. Sunshine, however, was his main requirement. And Audrey gives him plenty of that through her beaming smile. For Audrey, it was important to combine families; they both have children in Colorado. And her wedding band reflects the union there are nine stones on it, one for each of their children. One thing is for certain, with Audrey as his new bride, Walter laughs much more now, albeit with a dry sense of humor. For example, when people asked why they were getting married, Walter responded with a straight face that they didn t want to have any illegitimate children. Truth is, she took his name without question; neither of them would have it any other way. Moving to Wind Crest gave them both something they never expected finding love a second time around.