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The eternal question

Is this the right time to sell?

Created date

June 25th, 2013

Personal Moving Consultant Just about every time I visit the home of a future Erickson Living resident, I hear variations of this question: When is a good time to sell? Is it during spring when the azaleas are in bloom and the grass is new and green (just before the weeds take over and the mosquitoes infest the yard)? Is it in early autumn when the leaves begin to change and are in full color (just before they fall and leave the trees bare)? Is it in winter with a white blanket of snow and a holiday wreath on the front door? Or, should I avoid summer when the heat is at record highs?

The answer

I have good news: after many years, I have discovered that the best time to sell your house is when you have begun to love another. While it s really hard for some to leave the home they ve lived in for many years without feeling like they re abandoning everything their family, friends, and the history they ve created I say, You don t have to leave it behind! Bring it with you in your heart and in your memories, in the pictures of the happy faces and smiles of the children and grandchildren who have spent many hours in your old home. And the souvenirs from your travels, the gifts you received from family and friends, even the piano or the music you danced to some years ago? Why, bring all of that to your new home, where your earlier memories can blend with the new ones you create. And then invite your friends and family to your new home and introduce them to your new friends.

New beginning

This is what I tell future Erickson Living community members when they ask about selling and moving: Your move is a new beginning, a new adventure, a new love story with your new home that will embrace and welcome you.