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Mac vs. PC

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June 25th, 2013

Ravens vs. Steelers, Coke vs. Pepsi, GM vs. Ford, Mac vs. PC. If it s time for a new computer, which side should you choose?

Operating system

The term PC means personal computer. It is commonly used to refer to any brand of computer that runs on a Microsoft Windows operating system. Brands such as Dell, Sony, HP, and Asus are considered PCs. Macintosh computers run off a preloaded operating system called OS X. This operating system was designed and marketed by Apple to run exclusively on Macintosh computers. Switching operating systems can sometimes seem daunting. However, in my experience, becoming proficient on both is not only useful but can be done easily.


Apple has spent the better part of the past two decades convincing consumers that their products are the most hip. A big part of this image comes from Apple s marketing strategy. An even bigger part of this image came from former CEO Steve Jobs obsession with detail. Mac computers are designed to be sleek and innovative, clean and simple. An iMac can be pulled from its box and plugged in and started with one cord. It s this attention to detail that first set Mac computers apart from their Windows counterparts. Unlike iMacs, the CPU (central processing unit) and monitor are separate units on PCs, creating a slightly clunkier design. PCs are created by a number of manufacturers (i.e., Dell, Sony, Samsung). This gives consumers more design choices when purchasing a computer.


Depending on your budget, a Mac might already be out of the question. One upside to PCs being available through separate manufacturers is that computers are available in a range of prices. You could walk into a Wal-Mart today and purchase a brand new Dell computer for around $450. If you are looking to purchase a Mac, prepare to spend a minimum of $1,000. What does this extra money get you? In my personal experience, it gets you a computer that lasts. My Apple laptop outlasted both a Compaq and a Sony Vaio PC.


Another reason people choose to splurge on a Mac computer is the creative suite software that can be loaded. Macs can be equipped with software like Photoshop and InDesign for photo editing or iMovie and Final Cut for video editing. If you plan on using your computer for a small business or to keep your finances in check, consider a PC. It s a popular notion that the Quicken software on a PC far surpasses Mac s counterpart.


There really is no winner in this battle, only which computer is right for you. Remember, it s always a good idea to do your research and compare prices. Before making your purchase, research brands and read reviews from other consumers online. You can also visit retail stores and take a test drive to make sure whatever you buy will work for you and your needs for years to come.