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Membership has its privileges

Priority list is risk-free way to enjoy first choice of homes, exclusive events

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July 23rd, 2013

Have you ever wondered how much that coin collection is worth you ve had since you were a kid? How about the history behind that painting you picked up at a flea market? Nearly 70 men and women recently discovered the secrets behind their most prized possessions at an antique appraisal event held exclusively for members of Oak Crest s priority list. The two-hour event also allowed guests to mingle with others who are planning a move to the Parkville, Md., Erickson Living community.

Sentimental value

Robert and Lee Hager, who joined the priority list a few months ago, brought a vase with them for appraisal. We received this vase 50 years ago as a wedding present and have enjoyed it over the years. We were just curious if it was worth anything, says Lee. We discovered that the original design of our vase was created as a gift for the American embassy in Russia. A variety of different items, including lamps, porcelain, a match box holder, watches, jewelry, and a toy car were among some of the treasures appraised by Todd Peenstra, of Peenstra Antiques Appraisals in Annapolis, and NovaGold, LLC, jewelry consultants. You wouldn t put your house up for sale without having it appraised first, so why would you sell or give away the precious items inside your house without having them appraised? asks Peenstra. When it comes to downsizing, going through a house full of stuff can be paralyzing. Most people don t know whether to give stuff to their kids, sell it in a yard sale, or put it in an auction. I provide a strategy for people and help them sort through their things and put a price tag on everything so you know what is worth keeping and what s not. Robert and Lee are planning to move to Oak Crest within nine months to a year and found the event informative. We learned a lot, says Lee. It got us thinking about what we will do with some of our things once we begin downsizing and preparing to move. Walton and Joan Meyers have been on the priority list for over a year. They had a sword from the Civil War appraised that was handed down from Walton s family. My husband had already done some research on the sword, but we wanted to see if they had anything new to add to it, says Joan. We really enjoyed listening to the history behind all of the different items people brought in. The Meyers have already begun downsizing while they wait for the apartment style they want to become available. We had been looking around at other places, and we decided that we liked Oak Crest the best, says Joan. Joann [Huebler] in the sales office talked to us about the benefits of joining the priority list, and it made sense to us to do it.

Good times and peace of mind

Huebler says the process of joining the priority list is easy, and it s the best way to ensure you get the apartment home you want. The date you join the priority list is your priority date. From that point forward, you will always have first choice of any apartment home that becomes available over the people who join the list after you, says Huebler. For some of the community s most sought-after apartment styles, like the one-bedroom Brighton, joining the priority list could mean the difference between moving this year or next. Another great advantage to joining the priority list is that you re not just joining the list of one community, you are joining the lists of all 16 Erickson Living communities around the nation. So, if your children move to a new location with an Erickson Living community nearby, and you decide to go there instead, no problem. Your priority date will be honored there just as it would be honored at Oak Crest. All it takes is a one-time, per-person processing fee of $150 and a fully-refundable $1,000 deposit. Your $1,000 will be refunded to you at any time, should you change your mind, says Huebler. It s a risk-free way of keeping your options open and securing your future. Not to mention, you ll get to attend some really great events like this!