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Recycling efforts rewarded

Recycling efforts rewarded

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July 23rd, 2013
Recycling bin

Montgomery County recently recognized. target="_blank"> Riderwood for its outstanding efforts in recycling. The Silver Spring, Md., Erickson Living community received the Multi-Family Property Outstanding Efforts in Recycling Award. The county honored Riderwood at a ceremony on May 22 at the Silver Spring Civic Building. The event was part of Montgomery County s Recycling Awareness Week, in which businesses, multi-family properties, and residents throughout the county are recognized for their leadership in waste reduction, recycling, and buying recycled products.

It all adds up

Riderwood is home to about 2,600 active retirees. The 120-acre campus features 16 residence buildings and five restaurants. Given Riderwood s size, when the people living and working there make recycling a priority, the impact is significant. In fact, in 2012, Riderwood recycled 110,000 pounds of mixed paper; 141,650 pounds of corrugated cardboard; 1,249,680 pounds of commingled materials such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars; 36,860 pounds of scrap metal; 165,740 pounds of bulk items; and 3,677 pounds of batteries. We deeply value the contribution of ideas and talents that our residents provide to us, Riderwood s Director of General Services Bob Riley says. Recycling is a year-round commitment at Riderwood, and it s a tremendous advantage to develop strong relationships with our residents as we continue to develop new ways to be good stewards of the environment.

Contributing to the cause

Riderwood s recent recycling achievement is thanks in no small measure to residents Tom and Bonnie Balzer, who head up the recycling committee. The Balzers encourage their neighbors to recycle by providing them with information and resources. Bonnie says one of their most effective strategies has been photo displays of items that can be recycled, which they place outside of Riderwood s dining rooms. That helps to clear up confusion about which household items to recycle and which to throw away. Tom and Bonnie are also available to answer any questions their neighbors might have about recycling. Tom says living at Riderwood makes recycling convenient. Residents can bring their recyclables to an on-site recycling room and deposit them in bins marked for each different type of recyclable material, or they can simply put recyclables outside their front doors for weekly pickup. Tom and Bonnie are proud of Riderwood s recycling efforts and hope that the number of people contributing to the cause continues to increase. We have children and grandchildren, and we would like to make the world better for them, says Bonnie.