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Spotlight on Tallgrass Creek

Residents take center ‘page’ in new brochure

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July 23rd, 2013

Several residents have added one more unique experience to their list of Tallgrass Creek activities: modeling. The 15 residents are featured in a colorful new sales and marketing brochure doing what they do best enjoying the lifestyle and numerous amenities and activities at Tallgrass Creek. The 45-page, easy-to-thumb guide is chock-full of information about everything from selling a home to the community s different fitness classes to its beautifully designed floor plans, delicious food, and more. It was produced by the Erickson Living marketing department and the result of many months of detailed creative work.

Spot-on portrayal

Erickson s marketing team really listened to us, says Deborah Messmer, director of sales at Tallgrass Creek. We wanted a marketing piece that accurately portrays the vibrant, active lifestyles of our residents, and we got it. The brochure contains lively photos of residents participating in activities such as gardening, painting, woodworking, and swimming. George Lund, one of those featured in the spiral-bound booklet, recently saw it for the first time. It s really quite fun to see yourself pictured in such a professional, well-done piece of literature, says Lund. You don t know when the photos are taken what they will actually look like. It very much portrays our life here. Erickson Living s marketing department created the unique marketing tool for each of Erickson Living s 16 communities. The new brochure will be distributed to potential residents and those requesting tours of the communities. It includes pockets for insertion of more personalized information. The company s website,, includes an electronic flipbook version. Tallgrass Creek s sales department received the large, colorful brochures in May and plans to restock as the need arises. Melissa Williams, strategic marketing director at Erickson Living, was involved in the project, which began in the fourth quarter of 2012. She says the marketing team started from scratch, conducting consumer research and talking with each community to determine its individual wants and needs. We wanted to create a sales and marketing tool that would answer all the questions prospective residents might have while keeping in mind the differences in each community, says Williams. She adds that the large, brightly-colored photos and pages, concise information, and localized content make the brochures informative and eye-appealing, and they give potential residents a sense of what life in each Erickson Living community is all about.

Life in pictures

Tallgrass Creek resident Sylvia Lindbeck was pleasantly surprised to spot a photo in the new marketing piece of her in the community s art room painting a sunny landscape. They caught me doing what I love to do, says Sylvia, who has painted for years and has attended weekly art classes at Tallgrass Creek. Another resident model, Esther Dritley, enjoyed seeing a colorful, full-page photo of her and husband Jack walking hand-in-hand. I ve never been involved in anything like this before, she says. It was a lot of fun. Our children will love it.