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Letters to the editor

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August 20th, 2013
Letters to the editor

The man on the moon looks to Mars August 2013 issue

A vision worth pursuing I think that eventually we will build colonies on Mars. I am retired from NASA and my last job was as a program manager for advanced technology planning for the human mission to Mars. I had a few opportunities to discuss Mars planning with Buzz Aldrin. In order to proceed, several technologies have to be advanced or invented. For example, a flight using current propulsion technology would take about nine months to the planet and nine more to return, whereas use of nuclear propulsion would only take three to five months each way. We also need to understand and develop technology to allow travel through radiation belts without harming the humans. And then there are food and medical requirements that need to be considered. A human mission to Mars would be the modern-day version of Christopher Columbus trip to the New World. People like Buzz Aldrin are doing all that they can to maintain the vision just as America did for the Kennedy initiative to go to the moon.

Dave A., Ashburn, VA

Fix our mess at home Before Mr. Aldrin sets his sights on Mars, perhaps he should journey to Africa, Asia, Central and South America, as well as many other areas on the globe and witness firsthand the dire conditions in all of these places. Perhaps if he experienced starvation, lack of housing, clothing, and medical needs, he would want to remain here and work for a better world. How can we as caring human beings leave so many in such great need and spend great resources to journey so far away? To what end? We have failed miserably to live in peace on our own planet and no doubt we d fail to live in peace on Mars or anywhere else. And I wonder when we duplicate on Mars the mess we ve created and continue to ignore on Earth will Mr. Aldrin seek yet another planet to visit?

Anonymous, email

Leave it to the robots There is nothing that a human can do on Mars that cannot be done just as efficiently by sophisticated robotics at a fraction of the cost and much more expeditiously from the point of view of time. Why put such an astronomical effort into one planet when we could make better use of our time and treasure examining all of the planets and doing so without running the risk of contaminating any one of them?

John T., email

Get it sold! What to expect when you sell your house August 2013 issue

Sales experience different in New Jersey Your article does not apply to the selling procedure in New Jersey. Once a contract is signed, there is a three-day period for an attorney review. Then within ten days, the buyer applies for a mortgage, has a building inspection, and after that period, the buyer adds 10% (usually) as a deposit to the seller s attorney s trust account. At closing, the balance is paid and keys are exchanged. You should get your information from each state s Realtor Association.

Adriana O., email