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‘When I retire, I want to eat ice cream all day long!’

Social media video explores retirement through the eyes of children

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September 24th, 2013
When I Retire

It seems that nearly everyone has a retirement dream. Some dream of travel and time to pursue their passions. Others see themselves volunteering or becoming entrepreneurs. And still others envision themselves becoming ninja warriors, eating ice cream for dinner, and riding their bicycles indoors. Those dreams at least the more colorful ones are the basis for a hilarious new video produced by Erickson Living's marketing team. To begin, they gathered a group of children, all of whom are related to Erickson Living residents and employees, and posed the question, "What do you want to do when you retire?" The children's answers included everything from having elaborate unicorn-themed birthday parties with clowns to days full of running and playing games.

Having fun at any age

Once they filmed the children, the video team gathered a group of residents from Erickson Living's Oak Crest and Riderwood communities in Maryland to act out the children's retirement dreams. So...Gene Miller really did become a ninja warrior, jumping around corners and surprising his fellow Oak Crest residents while the cameras rolled. Bob Boger of Riderwood had a chance to brighten his day by dressing up as the sun! And the crew put Oak Crest's Marion Almquist to work as they filmed her jogging and exercising around the campus. One of the video actors, Carol Ann Ruth, is a relatively new resident of Oak Crest. She moved there in the spring and says it's the best decision she s made. "I'm having fun!" she says. "I love the people. I love the delicious food. And I love being able to swim in the pool with my grandchildren." Of participating in the video, Ruth says she particularly enjoyed being around the video's creative team and the other resident actors for the day. "I'm always floored by all the technology and, of course, we filmed it out of sequence, so I can't wait to see the finished product." While the video might be a bit of an exaggeration, the fun of living at an Erickson Living community is no fairy tale. Kateri Morrison, Gene Miller's daughter and the mother of the child actors, says her father has had a blast since moving to Oak Crest. "He's really enjoyed living here," says Morrison. "He's been on the softball team. He won Oak Crest's Dancing With the Stars competition. He's active in community events and still has plenty of time to spend with Alice, Joseph, and their little sister Shannon." You can find the video on YouTube ( as well as the Erickson Living Facebook page (