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From farm life to a perfect fit

Georgia couple downsizes, finds freedom in convenience

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September 24th, 2013

Born in Greece, Jim Kreatsoulas learned the art of making wine and cheese. When he moved to the U.S., he brought his art with him and married a woman with a similar passion. His wife Elaine canned and froze vegetables they grew on their property. To store their wares, their Georgia house had a custom-built basement with an industrial-sized kitchen and wine cooler, so it wasn t easy for them to uproot, says Sales Associate Angela Garofolo. But when they decided to move to Seabrook, an Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., for its convenience and impressive accommodations, they had the resources to do it with ease.

Getting to know Seabrook

We had looked at other communities in New Jersey and New York, so we had this type of living in mind, says Elaine. Seabrook was more impressive than the others and so convenient. You can get anywhere you want from here, Jim adds of its location just a few hours from New York City and just minutes from the beach. Garofolo worked diligently to coordinate their move, including researching local storage for their wine, arranging a private tour of the Tinton Falls area, and finding the perfect apartment home to fit their lifestyle. Angela acted as their own personal tour guide, and no request was too big or small for her to handle, says Susan Coulson, sales counselor. She continually checked in with them each morning to see how their evening had gone and if there was anything she could do for them. This is just one example of how Angela goes above and beyond for our customers to give them the best experience possible.

A perfect fit gets even better

On a visit from Georgia, they met with Coulson and chose a Lancaster-style apartment: a deluxe two-bedroom, two-bath home with a sunroom and bay windows, which fill the open floor plan with light. It seemed like the perfect fit. But when another Lancaster became available this one decorated with extensive upgrades like granite countertops, hardwood floors, custom draperies, and wainscotting in the sunroom Garofolo knew exactly who to call. I knew they would fall in love with it, and it would be perfect for them, Garofolo says. Elaine agrees: This apartment fits our lifestyle, and we have a beautiful view, too.

Food and wine

After choosing their apartment home, they worked with Garofolo and Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson on logistics. They hired Econoline movers and loaded a U-Haul with cases of wine and other goods. When they arrived at Seabrook, Econoline unloaded the U-Haul for them. Jim and Elaine settled into their new home quickly, purchasing some new furniture and decorating with classic style. They use a storage room off the foyer to store wine and canned goods. And because they rarely eat in, they filled their refrigerator with six wheels of vacuum-packed homemade Greek cheese called kefalotiri, similar to Parmesan. They now have just one wheel remaining, but Jim plans to start making feta. It is easier to make because you don t need a lot of equipment, he says. Aside from cheese, Jim bakes bread a few times a week. Despite all their food preparation, the couple only eats in on weekends. During the week, they go to dinner with friends in one of Seabrook s two on-site restaurants. Restaurants aren t the only amenities located on campus. A full-service medical center, bank, fitness and aquatics center, an auditorium, and several classrooms provide unmatched convenience for the couple. Jim even logs miles walking in and outside daily. One very nice feature is that all the buildings are connected. You can walk from one building to all the others, he says. It s everything that anybody could want.