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Take a load off

Worry-free living lets Ruth Appel live life to the fullest

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September 24th, 2013

In December 2011, Ruth Appel moved to Fox Run in Novi, Mich. She says she could not be happier about the choice she made for her retirement, and she has spent the last two years taking full advantage of all of the support, convenience, friendship, and fun that the Erickson Living community has to offer. Before moving to Fox Run, Ruth was living in the Oak Park, Mich., house she shared with her late husband for more than 50 years. I just hated living alone, Ruth says. From the minute I stepped into [Fox Run], everything just lifted from my shoulders and my mind.

Dinner with friends every night

At Fox Run, Ruth never has to worry about being alone. One of the easiest ways to get to know her neighbors, she says, is over leisurely dinners at one of the on-site restaurants. The restaurant staff is on hand to seat new residents at tables with other people, giving newcomers a chance to meet their neighbors each night in a relaxed environment. Sometimes we meet for dinner at 5 o clock and don t leave the table until 8 o clock, Ruth says. A lot of our socializing is there or in the lounge. Some evenings, Ruth heads down to the restaurant for a pre-dinner happy hour with friends. Often, a live barbershop quartet creates a lively atmosphere at happy hours. Other nights, Ruth has a shorter dinner so she can make it to movie night in Fox Run s theater. Like her evenings, Ruth s days are filled with lots of activity and plenty of opportunity to socialize. At least one morning a week, she goes to the on-site fitness and aquatics center for a water exercise class. They have a wonderful pool that is 85 degrees, Ruth says. The exercise classes are a lot of fun; we act like little kids in the pool, but it s very healthy, too. Ruth also takes advantage of opportunities to exercise her mind. She is a member of Fox Run s current events club, an informal and lively gathering at which residents discuss and debate recent topics from the news. She also enjoys dropping in on meetings of the poetry club, where she can hear her neighbors recite original poems. She says one of her favorite ways to spend an evening is enjoying a live musical performance in the clubhouse, just a short, indoor walk from her own front door. Once a month, they have a special program like a piano player or a band, and it s really nice, Ruth says.

Everybody here is out to please you

Part of the reason Ruth has so much fun living at Fox Run is because life there is convenient and worry-free. All home maintenance is included in residents monthly service packages, and there are a host of on-site amenities like a bank, convenience store, hair salon, and medical center. Ruth says she particularly appreciates knowing that her doctor s office is right down the hall. They will get you in the same day if you need it, she says. Everybody here is out to please you, which is a very nice feeling. Unlike when she was living alone at her house, if something goes wrong in her apartment home, Ruth doesn t have to worry about it. Anything that breaks in the apartment, you just call general services and they are here in five minutes to take care of it, she says. What s more, Fox Run has around-the-clock security, and EMTs are always on-site in case of a medical emergency. Those features provide peace of mind not only to residents, but also to their children and grandchildren. My family loves me being here, and they don t worry about me at all, Ruth says.