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Time and space for everything

Retired anesthesiologist enjoys active life at Riderwood

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September 24th, 2013
Hands working in garden

Until 2012, Betty Nava was living in an apartment in Silver Spring, Md. While her unit was newly constructed and comfortable, she says the view left a little to be desired. Outside my window was construction, dust, noise, and buses, Betty says. These days, when Betty looks out her windows, she sees lush green trees, rolling manicured lawns, colorful flower gardens, and perhaps a few neighbors out strolling on picturesque walking trails. About a year and a half ago, Betty moved to . target="_blank">Riderwood, an Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, Md. She selected a Harrison-style apartment home, which features two bedrooms and one bath. Betty uses her second bedroom as a combination den and guest room, which comes in handy when her brother and other family members come to visit. Before she moved in, Betty worked with Riderwood s custom interiors department to personalize her space. They helped her select hardwood floors and window treatments for the living areas and installed venetian blinds in the master bedroom. Betty is an avid gardener who specializes in growing orchids. Her lovely flowering plants thrive at Riderwood, thanks to the large windows in her apartment home that let in plenty of bright sunshine. When I saw this apartment, I just knew it was the one for me, Betty says. I was enchanted by the view from the windows.

Enjoying the view and much more

Of course, Betty says there is as much to love about Riderwood outside her apartment home as there is inside. Dozens of on-site amenities like a bank, doctor s office, hair salon and day spa, convenience store, and five restaurants make life convenient for residents. Shuttle buses are available to take residents to nearby grocery stores and shopping centers. In fact, Betty says she gave her car to her granddaughter when she moved to Riderwood because she no longer needs it. They have everything I need right here, she says. Betty is a retired anesthesiologist and originally from Mexico. When she attended medical school in Mexico City, she was one of 12 women in her class of 500 students. As a former health care professional, Betty has been committed to a regular exercise routine since the 1970s. That s why one of her favorite things about living at Riderwood is the on-site fitness and aquatics center, which features a heated indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, personal trainers, and dozens of group fitness classes, including yoga and water aerobics. Betty hits the gym on most days. Her fitness regime combines aerobics, balance classes, and weight lifting. The group aerobics classes are excellent, Betty says. The teachers really know what they are doing, and they know what we need.

Dinner parties without the cooking or cleaning

Betty spends most of her evenings enjoying dinner with a group of Riderwood friends. None of the ladies in the group has to worry about cooking or cleaning because they dine each night at one of Riderwood s full-service restaurants. Among the five on-site restaurants, a total of 25 different entr es are served each night. Betty says the food is quite good, and she enjoys trying different restaurants. But her favorite part of her evening ritual is the people with whom she breaks bread. Betty says she and her dinnertime friends have formed strong bonds over the course of many meals together. We get together every night, and we all look out for each other, Betty says.