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Behind the scenes

An easy move is possible with the right resources

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October 22nd, 2013

Arden and Joan Slotter have moved numerous times throughout their marriage. They ve lived in Istanbul, Turkey; Ohio; Illinois; and Colorado. But their move to Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., proved to be the easiest by a landslide. Everything kind of just fell into place, says Joan. That s putting it lightly. Their decision to move to Wind Crest and all the steps that had to fall into place happened with the coordination and aid of Erickson Realty and Moving Services a program complimentary to all Erickson Living priority list members to help lift the burdens of moving. Joan and Arden joined the priority list at Wind Crest, which reserved their place in line for an apartment home of their choice when one became available. To begin the process, Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg visited their Castle Pines house to get a sense of downsizing and staging the house for sale. She also recommended two real estate agents, a packing company, and a moving company. Brandenburg helped them see which furniture pieces would fit in their new home by using a small model. She laid out the furniture, which was very helpful, says Joan. The real estate company Beth recommended was very helpful in other ways, Arden says. For example, they recommended a handyman that we used for some small repairs around the house. The real estate agent staged their house and listed it in May.

Right time to sell

At that time, no apartment homes at Wind Crest were available for the Slotters. But that didn t stop them. We decided we would sell anyway, says Joan. We wanted to be ready to move as soon as something was available. They planned on moving to a one-bedroom apartment off campus to wait. Just after putting their house on the market, Joan and Arden traveled to Ireland. The real estate agent they chose showed the house while they were gone. When they came back, not only had the house sold, but a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home had become available at Wind Crest. The packing company packed their belongings, the moving company moved them, and Joan and Arden settled into their Hawthorne-style apartment home on July 22. It was probably the easiest move anyone could have made, says Joan.