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A moment in time

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October 22nd, 2013
Waves crashing on rocky shore

When you take a photo, you are capturing a moment in time. Whether it’s a photo of your grandchild, a birthday of a loved one, or a photo of waves crashing on the rocky coastline, such a moment will never happen the exact way you first saw it. Rather astounding, isn’t it, when you think of it that way?

That’s why we say, “take a picture—create a memory.”

But that picture can be more memorable if it tells a story or has a WOW factor!

Capturing the memorable

The photo of your grandchild will be more memorable if he or she is blowing soap bubbles rather than just staring at the camera. The birthday scene will be more memorable if the candles on the cake are being blown out by the new six-year-old. The waves crashing on the rocky coastline will be more memorable if the scene contains a boy and girl sitting on the rocks.

If you engage your subject in an activity—particularly one of their own choosing—you can make that “moment in time” more meaningful, more special. With children, it can be as simple as leaving them alone while you follow them around with your camera. Not only is this fun to do, it’s a sure-fire way to tell a story and make that moment in time more memorable.