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No room for worry

Affordable, hassle-free lifestyle promotes peace of mind

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October 22nd, 2013
Anna Hughes

For Anna Hughes, retirement planning can be summed up in one phrase: peace of mind.

“I’m originally from Ireland, and my family is still there,” says Anna, a retired nurse who has lived in Texas for the past 41 years. “When you don’t have family nearby, you have to look after yourself.”

Anna, who completed her midwifery training at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, where the Duchess of Cambridge recently gave birth to Prince George, says she wanted to retire in the Dallas area.

“I visited Highland Springs when it was under construction,” says Anna. “I met Christina [Christie, sales counselor], and she gave me an overview of the community. My only concern was whether or not I could afford it.”

Anna decided to move to a 55-plus community in Rockwall, just outside of Dallas.

“I was totally on my own,” says Anna. “There weren’t the activities that Highland Springs offers. And I didn’t feel secure.”

A better alternative

Meanwhile, the sales team at Highland Springs kept Anna informed of the community’s progress.

“Thankfully, they didn’t let me go,” says Anna. “I was interested to learn that Highland Springs opened a new continuing care neighborhood. As a nurse, I know it’s important to think ahead and plan for the future.”

To help Anna decide, Christie arranged for a driver to pick her up in Rockwall and bring her to Highland Springs for an overnight visit in the community’s guest suite.

“I still drive, but I don’t like to brave the freeways,” says Anna. “It was very thoughtful of Christina to make those arrangements for me.”

During her stay, Anna dined with residents in Highland Springs’ Chisholm’s Restaurant and experienced life at the community.

“There’s such a sense of security here,” says Anna. “The security staff is here 24 hours a day. It gives me a very safe feeling.”

Pulling it all together

Anna sat down with Christie once more, this time to ascertain if Highland Springs was the right fit financially.

“Some prospective residents have questions about whether or not they can afford to move to Highland Springs,” says Christie. “I encourage them to schedule an appointment with a member of our sales team. Often, they are surprised at how affordable Highland Springs can be. Our financial setup is designed to keep retirement costs stable and predictable. And our fixed monthly service package makes it easy to budget.”

Anna selected a two-bedroom Fairmont-style apartment and made plans with Personal Moving Consultant Gail Wrzesinski.

“Gail was an angel,” says Anna. “On moving day, she drove to Rockwall with another employee. Gail drove me to Highland Springs while the other employee drove my car. The staff did everything they could to make the move as easy as possible.”

Shut the door and go

Now that Anna has lived at Highland Springs for over a year, she finally has the peace of mind she was after.

“I went back to Ireland this past summer,” she says. “It was absolutely marvelous to lock my door and go. I knew my apartment was safe and waiting for my return.”