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Smart transition to a new life

Q&A with Brooksby’s retirement experts

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October 22nd, 2013
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Recently, the Tribune spoke with Brooksby Sales Director Suzanne Davis and Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Phillips about the best way to learn more about what Brooksby has to offer, how to join the priority list, and what to expect during the sales and moving process.

Q: When do you typically meet people considering a future at Brooksby?

Davis: Our guests are invited to come to various events that we host, such as luncheons and open houses, but typically the best way to see Brooksby is during a one-on-one appointment with Sales Counselor Jane Kiegel or any other member of the sales team. Each member of our team has a designated role in the process, while my role varies from day to day as I oversee the entire sales process.

Q: What is the priority list, and what are the benefits of joining?

Davis: The priority list is specifically for people considering a move to Brooksby. When they join, they get a priority date, so when an apartment home of their choice becomes available, they'll be notified according to when they joined the priority list. Joining the list is easy: there's a simple application, a nonrefundable processing fee of $150 per person, and a refundable deposit of $1,000. If at some point they decide they don't want to move to Brooksby, we refund the $1,000. If they decide to move to Brooksby, the $1,000 goes toward their entrance deposit. As members of the list, they're able to take advantage of priority access to information and activities at Brooksby, for example, exclusive events and excursions, plus early announcements of special pricing and other news. We host a lot of fun events where we have to limit the number of people we invite, such as wine and cheese receptions with a talk about what's new in the market, seminars with home design and organizational experts, and monthly financial roundtables. And our Brooksby chefs and dining services team always prepare something delicious for our get-togethers.

Phillips: Priority list members have direct access to my services as personal moving consultant. I visit them in their homes to help them get started on the moving process getting the house ready for sale, downsizing, choosing an apartment home, and working on furniture placement in that floor plan. Priority list members can also stay overnight in one of our guest suites, to really get a feel for the lifestyle here at Brooksby.

Q: What services do you provide to people planning a move to Brooksby?

Davis: Brooksby has Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a complimentary suite of services for people moving to our community. From real estate agent referrals to recommendations on downsizing and moving companies, we concentrate on taking the stress out of the moving process. And Laurie Phillips plays a big role in that process.

Phillips: As I said, I go out to people's homes and help them create a plan to get from point A to point B. If I need to make several visits, I will. The fact that I have an active real estate license enables me to be the bridge between their real estate agent, the sale of their house, and their move to Brooksby. It's important for people to know they have someone in their corner. Downsizing is another part of the moving process I assist with what furniture new residents will bring with them and what do with items that won't be part of the move. Together, we create a floor plan of their apartment home that shows where everything will fit. I can provide names of trusted, preferred companies and organizations that will buy furniture and belongings or accept them as donations. I also help new residents organize their packing and planning.

Davis: In addition to Erickson Realty and Moving Services, Brooksby offers the Move On Us program. When people moving to Brooksby use one of our preferred real estate agents, we will pay up to $2,000 toward their actual moving costs. We typically try to give them more than one referral so they can decide for themselves who would be a good match for them. People who use these unique services to move to Brooksby tell us that our guidance through the entire selling and moving process really helped take the stress and fear out of transitioning to a new life.