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Three generations of approval

It’s a family thing at Maris Grove

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October 22nd, 2013

Maris Grove, Erickson Living's community in Delaware County, Pa., has earned the seal of approval from three generations of the Lafferty family. Jay Lafferty, Maris Grove's business analyst, was first. A Wilmington, Del., resident, he joined the staff in October 2006. Two years later his daughter, Sara McFarland, began working there as well. The most important approval rating came in 2009 when Jay's mother, Jane Lafferty, became a Maris Grove resident.

A stone's throw

"It was Mom's decision to move from Kent County, Del., to Maris Grove, even though it was a move away from everything that was familiar to her," says her daughter Joan. "All her life she'd lived no more than 30 minutes from where she was born and grew up." Jane was then three-and-a-half hours away from Joan in Northern New Jersey, and 90 minutes away from Jay. Now, she sees her grandchildren and great-grandchildren often. "Mom's move has given us peace of mind," says Jay. "We'd worry that if she didn't feel well and didn't want to go out, could she get to the doctor? Would she have groceries in the house?" Now Jane's doctor is just downstairs in the community's full-service medical center; a convenience store is downstairs, too, and her dentist is across the street from Maris Grove.

A weatherproof lifestyle

At Maris Grove, weather no longer cramps Jane's active lifestyle. "I can walk through all the buildings anytime summer or winter, rain or shine, and still be inside," she says. "My goal is to walk every day." Her walks coupled with her other activities mean Jane is sometimes incommunicado to her family. Instead of sitting by the phone, she's likely at the campus bank or library, her yoga class, a Blanket Circle meeting, or her weekly hair appointment at Maris Grove's spa salon. Or maybe she's playing bridge with her neighbors or taking Maris Grove's shuttle to off-campus errands. Jane's life is her own. In fact, Joan was surprised that her mother still does some of her own cooking. Maris Grove s flexible 20-meal-a-month dining plan gives Jane that option; some community members choose the one-meal-a-day option. She can use the 20 meal credits however she prefers. "Some nights I like to be home, watch the news while I'm eating, and enjoy the quietness of the evening," she says. Such freedom of choice is one of many reasons Maris Grove impresses daughter Joan. "It's so welcoming, so clean, and so friendly," she says. "And when you walk around and see people in the hallway, they're always going someplace." When Joan and Jay went to Ireland with Maris Grove's travel group, "I didn't hear one negative comment," she says. "People talked about how much they enjoyed living there and how glad they were they'd chosen it." Not surprisingly, Joan and her husband Bill have joined Maris Grove's priority list. While they don't expect to move for a few years, they know that, based on the date they joined, they've reserved their place in line for the home of their choice.