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Like coming in out of the rain

Says Needham resident of his move to Linden Ponds

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November 26th, 2013
Brick walkway

Jim Hunter expected to stay in his Needham, Mass., home forever, he says. But in the years after his wife s death, It was getting hard living alone; the long, dreary days, he says. Maintaining the grounds of his seven-room house was also a growing challenge.

Getting to know you

Jim had visitedLinden Pondsamong other retirement communities five years ago. Initially, he thought it was too big for him, but he began to see the benefits of a larger community. The smaller [communities] rely on staff to schedule the events. Here, groups schedule their own, Jim says, referencing the more than 100 resident-run activities and groups at Linden Ponds. Jim further warmed up to Linden Ponds last December when he stayed two nights in one of the community s guest suites to get a better sense of the day-to-day. It gave me the opportunity to roam around and ask questions and have dinner with people, Jim says. That was kind of the clincher, he adds of his overnight stay. I got lucky; I caught the Christmas show, which was very impressive, he adds, of the Linden Ponds Repertory Company s holiday performance.

Sharp staff, great space

With his decision made, Jim worked with a Linden Ponds-recommended real estate professional to put his house on the market in April; it sold that first day. Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford had visited Jim s house to help determine what would fit in his new apartment. Her complimentary services proved very useful. Dealing with the staff, they re really sharp, Jim says. They re very helpful people, and they re all nice. Jim s three daughters, who all live within 12 miles of Linden Ponds, helped him prepare for the move, and Burkhardt and Brothers Moving and Storage assisted for a problem-free move in May. Jim found his two-bedroom, one-bathroom, Frederick-style apartment with a balcony to be just the right fit. It s a great apartment, he says.

Impressive place

It s like coming in out of the rain, Jim says of his move to Linden Ponds. Jim has delved into community activities and plays regular games of poker, cribbage, pinochle, and billiards. There s always something going on, he says. He exercises daily in the community s fitness center and attends musical concerts performed by those who live at Linden Ponds as well as outside musicians. We ve got a wonderful cross-section of people here, Jim says of his Linden Ponds neighbors. In his professional career, Jim worked at Boston Gas for 42 years, the last 16 of those years as vice president, putting him in charge of customer service for the organization. Handling a very large organization of people services, it helped me appreciate what they do at Linden Ponds, Jim says, particularly to keep people safe. There isn t a brick for you to trip on. They ve got every service every older person will need. It s all thought of. It s a very impressive place. As for this year s holiday performance, featuring people he now calls neighbors, Jim says: I wouldn t miss that.