Never retire from life

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November 26th, 2013
Dr Ruth

There s been a lot of media attention on my life recently because of the play Becoming Dr. Ruth. Many people are learning for the first time that I was an orphan of the Holocaust, a sniper in the Israeli underground, seriously wounded, married three times, all before becoming Dr. Ruth. A question I m often posed with is, now that you re 85, are you ready to retire? My answer is a loud No. As long as I can keep experiencing the most I can out of life, the better is my life. I still teach at my alma mater, Columbia Teachers College. I do it because I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. I ve been offered to lecture in South Africa. I always wanted to visit and so I m going. Yes, it s a long trip, but I don t think of it as an arduous task, rather, an amazing opportunity to see new things and meet new people.

Carpe diem

I started to write I understand that some people don t share my point of view, but you know what? I don t understand it. Why not squeeze the most from every moment of life that you can? If everyone is talking about the new best-seller, get a copy and read it. The latest movie, go see it. A certain type of cuisine, try it out. While you want to stay in contact with family and friends, meeting new people and hearing their stories and telling them yours is a lot of fun. But, Dr. Ruth, it s hard to meet new people, some people say. No, it s not. Take classes in something that appeals to you. If there s nobody in the class who seems interesting, at least you ll learn something new. If you ve exhausted the people in your house of worship, go to a service at another one. Who knows who you ll meet? If you sit around thinking that it s all over, then it will be all over sooner than you think. But if you make the effort to grab everything life has to offer, your own life will be a rich and productive one.