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Tackle dementia early to stay independent

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November 26th, 2013
Tackle dementia early to stay independent

Many studies have proven the value of early intervention when someone has dementia. Brooksby’s Memory Health program is based on these scientific findings.

The Memory Health program is part of Memory Support—Brooksby’s comprehensive initiative designed to care for people with memory loss—from those who have no cognitive problems to those who are in the final stages of a dementia-related illness. Memory Health’s services in particular provide support to people in the beginning stages of dementia.

Professional support is key

Medical management is a major part of Memory Health. Your doctor follows you closely in order to keep track of your cognitive functioning and to maximize treatment for other health conditions that affect you. Your doctor is also your resource for learning about the value of good nutrition and exercise for people with memory loss.

Supportive services are offered through Memory Health—all with the help of a social worker who works closely with you and your loved ones. Whether it’s getting involved with on-campus activities and clubs, or having help in your home with meal preparation, personal care, or medications, your social worker coordinates everything.

Memory Health also provides ongoing education about topics such as your disease process, advance directives, financial issues, and home safety.

To get started with Memory Health or any portion of Memory Support, talk to your doctor or someone in Resident Life at Brooksby.