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Christmas came early this year

Cedar Crest priority list perks extend to travel

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December 9th, 2013
Christmas ornaments

Last month, the transportation department at Cedar Crest started thinking Christmas. Not presents and lights and ornaments, but Radio City Music Hall s Christmas show. When residents purchased tickets for the show in July, they saved $5 and received a complimentary ornament. We always take about 60 people each year, filling two buses, says Neale Berthen, transportation coordinator. We drop everyone off at the door, right in front of the Rockefeller tree, and pick them up there after the show. The Christmas in July sale gets people planning their holiday outing, but it s just one of many trips from Cedar Crest to surrounding sights throughout the year. Berthen plans trips to several Broadway shows, Yankee games, the Philadelphia Flower show, and even the QVC studio headquarters.

Priority list perks

And Cedar Crest residents aren t the only ones who can take advantage of preplanned travel; priority list members may join on any trip as well. It s another perk of joining the priority list, says Sales Counselor Ruth Phillips. The priority list doesn t just give you the opportunity to live at Cedar Crest, it gives you the opportunity to experience life here even before you move in! Both residents and priority list members may invite friends and family members who don t live at Cedar Crest, a popular choice for those attending the Radio City Music Hall shows. A lot of our residents and priority list members do the Radio City trip as a family gift, Berthen says. They purchase a few tickets, and family park here in the morning and ride on the bus with them into the city. It s such a convenience.

No rush

Berthen plans each trip and always builds in extra time for travelers to shop, eat at restaurants, or see sights. Often, she plans a luncheon at a restaurant along the trip, like when they go to Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster County, Pa. They enjoy an Amish meal at one of the local restaurants. But we usually make it back in time for everyone to have dinner here at one of our restaurants, Berthen says. Ann Weber, who moved to Cedar Crest from Long Beach Island, N.J., enjoys Berthen s Museum Mile trips to New York City. Museum Mile includes the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Jewish Museum, and the New York Museum of Natural History. A world traveler, Ann loves learning about and experiencing culture wherever she goes. I love seeing the culture of different countries and people, Ann says. Aside from New York City and various Pennsylvania attractions, one of the most popular trips is a bimonthly visit to the Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos. There is a large demand for that trip; we go twice a month, Berthen says.

Upcoming trips

Berthen has a packed lineup all summer and into the fall. Broadway shows includeLion King,Matilda, andKinky Boots. And they visited Yankee Stadium a few times for ballgames, including one with sister Erickson Living community Ann s Choice in Bucks County, Pa. We have a very good relationship with Yankee Stadium, so we can get tickets at an amazing price, Berthen shares. The stadium welcomes its Cedar Crest fans on the Jumbotron. It s a lot of fun. When she can get affordable tickets, Berthen also plans trips to Mets games. One of the most memorable trips has been to the QVC studio and headquarters in Media, Pa. Those who attend tour headquarters, watch a live taping, and shop in the company store. It s such a cool trip, Berthen says. She s planning another one for the near future, though she hasn t set a date.

The Met s many faces

Visiting exhibitions through 2013 The Cedar Crest transportation department offers a monthly Museum Mile trip to New York City so residents and priority list members can experience the arts, sciences, and cultures, plus some excellent cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Museum Mile includes a stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where visiting exhibitions from around the globe make each visit different from the last. If you re planning a trip, here s what you can expect to see. If you weren t planning one, maybe these will entice you! PUNK: Chaos to Couture. Through August 14. Search for the Unicorn: An Exhibition in Honor of the Cloisters 75th Anniversary. Through August 18. Land Marks. Through August 18. Plain or Fancy?: Restraint and Exuberance in the Decorative Arts. Through August 18. African Art, New York, and the Avant-Garde. Through September 2. Photography and the American Civil War. Through September 2. Bashford Dean and the Creation of the Arms and Armor Department. Through September 29. The Roof Garden Commission: Imran Qureshi. Through November 3. Furniture by Abraham and David Roentgen on loan from the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Staatliche, Museen zu Berlin. Through January 26, 2014.