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No slowing down

Adventurous crew pedals their way through Pennsylvania

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December 24th, 2013
men standing near bicycles

People who live at Choice, Erickson Living’s community in Bucks County, Pa., can choose to participate, or not, in nearly 150 groups and activities. 

Resident-run, the groups cater to the diverse interests of a community of 2,000 people. They range from lecture series and musical groups to card and computer clubs. 

For scores of residents, activities like Wii bowling and indoor bocce fill a desire for year-round physical fitness. 

But the Pedal Pushers appeals to residents with a bicycle and a yen to explore the countryside. 

Cycling up a storm

Twice a week, the group rides the trails at Warminster Community Park, next door to Ann’s Choice (Ann’s Choice has private access to the park).

Once a month, a hardy contingent of cyclists load up their bikes and drive to farther-afield scenic trails where they ride for at least ten miles. 

Last September, they traveled the 25-mile D&L rail trail that runs along the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Gorge State Park. 

They’ve also biked from Valley Forge State Park to downtown Philadelphia and ridden the nearby Pennypack Trail.

The more adventuresome have even gone white-water rafting together. 

Lifelong athletes

Count Clarence Good and Harry Shuster among the adventure-seekers. Clarence started the group when he moved from Millsboro, Del., four years ago. “Unless it’s blowing a gale, I get out and ride,” he says.

A life-long athlete whose previous sports résumé was packed with horseback riding, water skiing, basketball, and tennis, Clarence wanted to stay active while also coddling his knees. 

His Pedal Pusher neighbor Harry has an equally long sports background. Harry favored volleyball, handball, and tennis. 

Clarence has hung up his racket, but Harry plays tennis three times a week at a club in Richboro. The former Churchville resident also competes in water volleyball at the Ann’s Choice aquatics center and belongs to the square dance group. 

Because he’s up for new experiences, he’s also joined the Ann’s Choice theater group. “Life at Ann’s Choice doesn’t slow down in the winter,” says Harry. “There’s always something to do and someone to do it with.”

Absent frigid temperatures or heavy snow, the Pedal Pushers continue their park rides. And should a decent snowfall occur, Harry might cross-county ski there instead. 

Clarence, who pitches horseshoes through November, does his winter workouts at the campus fitness center. They’ll prepare him for a downhill skiing trip that he, Harry, and assorted sons and nephews will take to Colorado this March.

None of that cross-country stuff for Clarence: “I’m a downhiller,” he says.

Come March, the men can simply lock their doors and leave for Colorado. The Ann’s Choice security team, on the job 24/7, ensures that things will be safe and sound when they return.