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Q&A with Deborah Olcese

Ann’s Choice sales director knows firsthand about homeowners’ winter worries

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December 24th, 2013
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At Choice marketing events, Sales Director Deborah Olcese talks about the advantages of trading home ownership for carefree living at the Erickson Living community in Bucks County, Pa.

Each presentation takes her back to the winter when she encountered one home-ownership disaster after another. Though she doesn’t live at Ann’s Choice, “I can definitely relate when people tell me their stories,” Olcese says.

Here’s what she experienced during the unforgettable winter of 2010—and what she helps her customers avoid when they make the decision to switch from home maintenance to a worry-free lifestyle at Ann’s Choice:

Q: How did things begin?

A: My late husband was a contractor and could fix anything. He died in November, and the next day my sliding glass door broke. About a week later while family was visiting, my toilet broke. 

I was already grieving and traumatized, but now I had additional worries. I needed to quickly schedule those repairs.

I didn’t live at Ann’s Choice. But because I worked there, I had trusted resources to turn to. 

Personal Moving Consultant Colleen Rosica, whose services are complimentary to members of our priority list, connected me to her network of preferred Erickson Realty and Moving Services vendors.

I had to pay the vendors, of course. But I could trust them to be in my house while I was at work, and I could rely on quality repairs.

Q: Did your problems end there?

A: No. That winter was one of the worst on record, with one blizzard after another. I did snow removal for hours before I left for work. 

The first storm blew off some roof shingles above my spare bedroom. By the time I realized that, water had leaked through and saturated the drywall. Thank goodness for Colleen’s vendors—they re-shingled, repaired, and repainted.

But the weather didn’t relent. When I’d had enough, I packed for Florida. And the night before I left, another storm tore off my soffit. 

As the Ann’s Choice transportation department drove me to the airport—a service available to all residents with costs comparable to a taxi service—I called Colleen for another referral. The soffit was repaired before I returned.

Q: Did that repair end your problems?

A: Not quite. After I’d returned from Florida, I fell while trying to hang a picture. The fall injured my shoulder and required physical therapy. 

If I’d lived at Ann’s Choice, I’d have had an emergency cord to pull for help; actually, a maintenance person could have hung the picture for me. 

And I could have done my physical therapy and filled my prescriptions on campus.

That was a tiring winter. Coming home, cooking a healthy meal, and eating it alone didn’t always have much appeal. 

Again, if I’d lived at Ann’s Choice, I’d have had neighbors all around and four campus restaurants to choose from.

It’s absolutely true: When people move to Ann’s Choice, all their what-ifs are taken care of.