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‘Perfect for me’

Brooksby culture creates welcome atmosphere for new resident

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January 30th, 2014
‘Perfect for me’
‘Perfect for me’

It wasn’t long after Maurice Martineau moved to Brooksby Village last June that he found himself on the receiving end of true neighborly kindness.

It was a hot summer day and Maurice had a doctor’s appointment. He was slowly making his way to his car, but his medical condition had left him feeling weak. 

“The third time I stopped, this stranger saw me and asked if he could help,” Maurice says. The stranger was a man who also lives in Maurice’s residence building. The man accompanied Maurice to his car, where Maurice realized he had forgotten his car keys. The man offered to walk back to his neighbor’s apartment to search for the keys. He returned with them shortly after, and Maurice made it to his appointment on time.

The gift that keeps on giving

Maurice was appreciative of his neighbor’s actions that day, but the bigger act of generosity was yet to come. It arrived a couple of days later, with a knock on Maurice’s apartment door. 

The man came bearing the news that he had voluntarily switched parking spots with Maurice. Brooksby issues parking spots as close as possible to resident buildings, but spaces are limited. Having lived at Brooksby for many years, the resident and his wife had a closer spot to the building. But the paperwork was complete, and the spot now belonged to Maurice.

“It was a lifesaver to me,” Maurice says, still in disbelief months later. “When he told me that, I couldn’t believe it. That takes a real special person to do something like that.”

The decision was easy for the resident, who asked to remain anonymous. “It’s a unique way to give somebody a gift that keeps on giving,” he says. “It just seemed like a thing I had to do. 

“Maurice and I have become good friends,” he adds. “It feels very good to be able to do this for somebody else.”

Maurice sent a heartfelt letter of thanks to the couple.

“The Good Lord sent me a good Samaritan,” Maurice says.

Unbelievable people

Maurice began considering a move to



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