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The comeback of the small-town doctor

A deep commitment to patient care lies at Maris Grove’s on-site medical center

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January 31st, 2014
The comeback of the small-town doctor
The comeback of the small-town doctor

Perhaps the most valued amenity at Grove, EricksonLiving’s community in Delaware County, Pa., is its on-site medical center. 

A full-service facility, its staff of physicians and other medical professionals provide health care exclusively to Maris Grove residents.

Quality over quantity

Dr. Joel Posner, the center’s medical director, is certified in geriatrics, internal medicine, and pulmonary diseases. He’s been at Maris Grove since 2009.

Earlier in his career, he served as medical director of the Philadelphia Geriatrics Center and chair of medicine at a teaching hospital in New York City. 

While his background includes research and teaching, he’s always most enjoyed patient care. 

“My interest from the beginning was geriatrics,” he says. “The average geriatrician in the United States has 2,500 patients; the average internist has 5,000.” 

His caseload totals just 400 to 500 patients, and he increased both the office and the professional staff so the medical center could accommodate more patients in need of same-day appointments. 

“Practicing here is like living in a small town,” he says. “After a while, residents become friends and acquaintances. It’s extremely rewarding and is more than just taking care of [medical needs].” 

He considers it the most satisfying work of his career. 

Wraparound patient care

Every day at Maris Grove, Posner explores medical topics he’s long pursued: “[I study] what happens when people get older,” he says, “and how things like nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation can prevent or reduce some of the changes that come with aging.”

To assist in those efforts, he and his fellow staff physicians can draw upon a rich resource of ancillary on-site health professionals such as in-home care specialists, social workers, and a complete therapy department. They can also enlist the campus fitness and aquatics center’s personal trainers to create individualized exercise programs for patients. 

Thanks to Erickson Living’s nutrition website, which provides detailed information for each menu item at Maris Grove’s restaurants, physicians can write personalized dietary plans. 

“The ability to provide total care is unmatched,” says Posner, who has been described as practicing “old school” medicine because of his deep commitment to patient care.