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Create a relaxed home for potential buyers (and you!)

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January 7th, 2014

I remember a story about a woman who took her family to the beach for their summer vacation. They found everything they needed in the rented vacation house. The kitchen had the essentials needed to make easy, simple meals. The living room could be tidied up in just a few minutes because it didn’t have extra stuff that just got in the way. The rest of the house was the same, just the essentials with no extras.

This simplified way of living left much more time for the family to enjoy their vacation and time together. An added bonus to living this way was that she knew exactly where everything was!

Relaxed and organized

Try these tips to get that same relaxed, organized feeling in your home:  

•Use the 80/20 rule—we use 20% of what we have 80% of the time. Think about clothing, linen closets, kitchens (pots and pans, dishes and storage containers). This rule should make it easier to let go of unnecessary things.

•If it’s still in the box in the basement since your last move, you really don’t need it.

•Start by asking your children what they want, but don’t be offended if they don’t want much. If there’s a sentimental item you want them to have, write a special note telling them why you want them to have it. 

•Hire a senior move manager or have a friend (who can be objective) help you make decisions on downsizing and decluttering.

•You have an entire collection? Why not choose your favorite piece and donate the rest? It makes that one piece very special.

•Paperwork can get overwhelming fast. The best suggestion is to handle it once. When you open your mail, your choices should be toss it, file it, shred it, or act on it.

•Keep a bag or box on hand with donation items “ready to go” so that whenever a group like Salvation Army or Purple Heart calls to say they will be in your neighborhood, you can always say yes.

Knowing how simple life at the beach can be is the best incentive we all have for getting into that vacation mode. And when you decide to sell your house, potential buyers will feel that relaxed vibe too, making your home even more appealing.