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Even more reasons to love exercising in water

Increased strength, more flexibility, and more stability among benefits

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January 28th, 2014
indoor pool

It may be the middle of winter, but you would never know it watching Dot Wehland splash around in the pool at Charlestown’s recently expanded 6,000-square-foot aquatics center doing her morning exercises. 

“It’s so beautiful this time of year,” says Dot. “It’s especially neat to be swimming while there is snow coming down outside.”

Dot frequents the pool, which is just a few steps from her apartment home, five to six mornings a week. She says the low-impact exercise keeps her arthritis in check. 

“Having the pool here is a real plus,” says Dot. “I have a bad arm, and the water does wonders for me. It’s easier on your joints; you don’t feel the stress. I just go down in the morning, swim, and come back to my apartment, shower, and I’m ready to start my day,” she says.

And while the on-site swimming pool didn’t initially factor into Dot’s decision to call



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