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It’s the little things

Sunny, spacious, no-maintenance home makes Seabrook perfect for Monmouth Beach plant-lover

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January 31st, 2014
It’s the little things
It’s the little things

This time last year, Greta Adler wasn’t thinking about Valentine’s Day or Presidents Day or even American Heart Month. She was thinking about moving to her new home.

“I wanted to be among people and the social life,” Greta says of her decision to move from a two-bedroom condo in Monmouth Beach, N.J., where she lived alone, to nearby Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls. “And I didn’t want to cook anymore,” she adds with a chuckle.

But socializing wasn’t the only thing on Greta’s mind when she decided to move. As a homeowner, Greta was responsible for maintenance of her apartment in Monmouth Beach. If a lightbulb went out, she had to climb up a ladder to change it, risking a fall. 

Now, Greta just calls general services, and they change the lightbulb for her. The only finger she has to lift is the one she uses to dial the phone. In fact, when she moved last February, general services even hung all her pictures and photographs neatly on the walls. 

Bright, sunny, and spacious

While her walls are decorated with personal mementos, her rooms are filled with flowers and plants. Her Hastings-style floor plan has ample room and light for all her plants, which soak up the sun in any of its many windows. 

“I love plants, and since my apartment is nice and sunny, I have them all over,” she says. In particular, several rest on a tea cart in her living room’s bay window overlooking a charming courtyard.

Her living room is also home to a large couch, coffee table, and a breakfront cabinet she brought from Monmouth Beach. The open floor plan allows the living room to flow into the dining room and a large kitchen. 

Though she doesn’t cook dinners, Greta still takes breakfast and lunch at home. And her spacious kitchen comes in handy to store two sets of dishes. “I had a kosher home so I had two sets of dishes, and I brought both with me,” she says. “My kitchen here is big enough to store everything,”

Most nights, Greta eats at one of Seabrook’s two on-site restaurants or the café with friends. If she wants to have guests for dinner, they eat there too—meaning no cooking or cleanup for Greta. 

“If I wanted to have people over to my apartment, I could,” she says, but there’s no sense when she’s got two gourmet restaurants just down the hall.

Out and about

Greta’s schedule doesn’t leave much time for entertaining, though. She takes theater and museum trips to New York City frequently though Seabrook’s transportation department. “They pick you up at the door, take you to the city, drop you off, then pick you up and drop you off at the door. It’s so convenient,” she says. 

That’s definitely one perk she appreciates. “I wouldn’t do that if I lived by myself somewhere else,” she says. “There’s so much to do here, you can’t do it all.”

Other activities Greta has taken up include playing bridge, learning mah jongg and Rummikub, going to the movies, and visiting the fitness center three times a week—all without stepping outside in the cold weather. 

She’s even appeared on TV. “I did an interview for Hanukkah on our in-house TV station. It was fun!” Greta says. “I’m having lots of fun here. I really love it.”