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‘The Maris Grove culture is special’

Sales manager chooses a job that matters at a community that cares

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February 25th, 2014
Maris Grove sales staff
Maris Grove sales staff

When Liz and Gabe Harrington decided to move from upstate New York to a location nearer their families—hers in Montgomery County, Pa., and his in Lansing, Mich.—they each launched a job search.

“I wanted to do something that mattered,” she says, “and I wanted to do it at a retirement community.” 

Harrington achieved both. She’s now sales manager at Grove, the Erickson Living retirement community in Delaware County, Pa. 

Research and reputation

Because her father, the chief financial officer at a small retirement community in Lansdale, Pa., has spent his career in the industry, she asked him what communities to apply to. He told her Erickson Living had an excellent reputation.

So Harrington researched the company and applied for the position online. After a series of meetings with various community and corporate leaders, she had the job. 

“The Maris Grove culture is special,” she says. “I’m so impressed with its level of excellence. I love the residents, and I’m passionate about the lifestyle Maris Grove offers.”

As one of her responsibilities, she manages the sales department’s call-quality program: she meets with sales team members every week to provide feedback and ensure the team’s commitment to superior and courteous service.

She also meets with people visiting Maris Grove for the first time, with people interested in joining its priority list, and with reservists—people who have reserved a home at Maris Grove—who are finalizing their move and details.

“I try to put myself in reservists’ shoes,” Harrington says. “It’s a big turning point in their lives. I’m honored to be at the table with them, and I especially like knowing I can offer them a better lifestyle.” 

Firsthand family experiences 

She knows that because of her father’s long career at a retirement community and her own firsthand understanding of what happens when people delay their move.

Harrington’s experience confirms her visitors’ decisions to move while they’re able to enjoy everything Maris Grove offers. 

She was 12 when her parents moved her dad’s folks from New Jersey to a community in Lansdale, Pa. Her grandfather didn’t want to move, but by then his wife had Alzheimer’s.

Her parents not only had to make that decision, but they downsized, cleaned, and put the grandparents’ house on the market. “My dad is an only child, and he was happy to do all that,” Harrington says, “but it was stressful.”

At Maris Grove, assistance from Personal Moving Consultant Suzanne McAllister removes that stress.

When people join Maris Grove’s priority list, they save their place in line for the apartment style of their choice based on the date they joined. They also have access to complimentary help from McAllister, including referrals to her network of Erickson Realty and Moving Services vendors.

Help like that, which simplifies life for people even before they become residents, makes Harrington proud to tell people where she works. 

“Maris Grove and the entire Erickson Living network is poised for growth,” she says. “I see a very exciting future and feel very fortunate to be with this company. I never thought I’d say that about any job.”