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Community delivers as advertised

Massachusetts man enjoys the benefits of one-level living

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February 21st, 2014

As a resident of Quincy, Mass., Joe Long knew of Linden Ponds, but it wasn’t until he and his daughter-in-law took a trip to visit the community last year that Joe realized his perceptions were wrong.  

“I have known about Linden Ponds, but never realized the place was so big,” Joe says of the community, which sits on 108 acres of land. “I said, ‘Yeah, I could handle this.’”

At the time, Joe was living alone in a house he helped build in 1966. “It’s a whole different way of life,” he says of Linden Ponds. “I was taking care of a house. I don’t need a seven-room house; I don’t need the pool in the yard.” 

With Linden Ponds sales staff, Joe toured four or five apartments but chose the one-bedroom, Fremont-style apartment with a den, patio, and eat-in kitchen. “I love the idea of having this patio. To me, that’s another room seven months of the year,” he says.  

Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford came to Joe’s house to assess what would fit in the new space. The majority of Joe’s furniture that accompanied him to Linden Ponds were his own creations. 

Joe worked as a junior high school shop teacher for about 20 years and then became principal of the school in Quincy for another 20 years. He continued his carpentry work on the side.

Despite being strongly involved in the Quincy community, Joe says he had no misgivings about the move to Linden Ponds. 

“It was a good community and this is the same,” Joe says. 

True to form   

To sell his house, Joe worked with a local real estate agent who also put him in touch with an organizing professional to help with downsizing. Joe’s three children were involved during the moving process as well.

Since settling in, Joe has joined Linden Ponds’ fitness center and visited its woodshop. “It’s very well equipped,” he says. 

Joe also says life in the community is as advertised. “Everything is the way they said it would be,” he says.