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Lonely is out. Maintenance-free is in.

Long-time neighbors ditch isolation for social-rich lifestyle

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February 25th, 2014
Long-time neighbors ditch isolation for social-rich lifestyle
Long-time neighbors ditch isolation for social-ric

For 35 years, Rita Iezzi and Betty Kay McKeown lived three doors apart in Broomall, Pa. Now they live at Maris Grove, EricksonLiving’s retirement community in Delaware County, just 15 minutes away from their old neighborhood.

“Living here is wonderful,” says Betty Kay. “Everyone cares about one another. We’re family.”

Rita moved first, in 2010. She’d long wanted to join the Maris Grove community because she often visited a friend who’d moved there four years earlier. “I felt at home at Maris Grove, but I couldn’t make up my mind,” she says.

Then a tornado struck Broomall and left Rita with no power during a week of 90-degree temperatures. That did it. “I came to Maris Grove; selected my new home; and in six weeks I downsized, sold my house, and moved in,” says Rita.

And she invited Betty Kay to visit. “Seeing how cozy Rita’s apartment was and how happy she was convinced me to move from my house of 45 years,” says Betty Kay.

By then, she was living in just a few rooms, eating her meals in front of the TV, and after her husband’s death, paying for every little house repair. “If you need a plumber, that’s a shock,” she says. 

Sound financial decision

When she toured an available Harrington floor plan, a style with two bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a bay window, Betty Kay liked it enough to list her house.

Then, serendipity! The house sold in two months, the buyers wanted quick possession, and Betty Kay moved to one-level living in late 2011. 

At Maris Grove, she makes one phone call, and a maintenance person arrives in short order to carry out maintenance repairs or replacements professionally, efficiently, and at no additional charge. 

When it snows, the grounds crew begins clearing campus roads and parking lots right away. 

Moving to Maris Grove was a sound financial decision, says Betty Kay. “In your house you have unexpected expenses, which can be frightening. Here you have a consistent monthly [service package] throughout the year.”

No longer lonely

She was thrilled at the friendly welcome she received. “I didn’t realize how lonely I’d been until I moved here,” she says. “I had friends, but here I meet people every day. I socialize more. It’s fun to have dinner with different people.” 

She’s also hosted up to ten family members for home-cooked meals around her dining room table. 

She and Rita can choose from more than 180 campus groups and activities to join. Their favorites include playing cards and reading books from the campus library. 

And they feel safe. Excellent medical care from Maris Grove physicians and other medical professionals is available right on campus. The community’s on-site continuum of care extends from its full-service medical center to its rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood. 

Betty Kay once slipped on the stairs at her old house. She wasn’t hurt, “but I could have been,” she says. Should she fall at Maris Grove, one pull on her home’s emergency cords will bring help in short order.