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The who, what, when, where, and how of moving to Cedar Crest

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March 28th, 2014
Ruth Phillips
Ruth Phillips

Ruth Phillips knows Cedar Crest like the back of her hand. She should; she’s worked there for ten years. 

With an honest and cheerful demeanor, Phillips helps people researching retirement living options to discover Cedar Crest, the Erickson Living community in Pompton Plains, N.J. So what’s it like to discover Cedar Crest? I caught up with this experienced sales counselor to find out.

Q: What is your role in helping people learn more about Cedar Crest?  

Phillips: My role as sales counselor is to learn everything I can about those I meet. For example, what has their life been like? Where have they lived prior their present home? Do they have family? What was their profession? What are their enjoyments in life, their challenges, their passions?  All of this information helps me to guide them toward enjoying a great lifestyle at Cedar Crest.

Q: What are some personal experiences that make you well-suited for this role? 

Phillips: I am a people person. I have always enjoyed learning about what people are all about. Helping others is a part of my life.  

My mother lived eight years at our sister community, Seabrook in Tinton Falls.  My social butterfly (as I called her) enjoyed her friends, participating in numerous activities both in the community and outside. As her daughter, watching her enjoy life was wonderful, and as sales counselor at Cedar Crest, it guides me in helping people make their decision to call Cedar Crest home.

Q: What is the priority list, and at what point do people join it?  

Phillips: The priority list is our “preferred waiting list” for clients who plan on making Cedar Crest their next new home. There is a significant waiting list for our community; we have a limited number of apartment homes available. Priority list members take comfort in knowing that if they decline a home I show them when it’s available, I will call them again until we find the one that’s right.

The priority list is broken into two sub-lists to help meet those needs: the “futures” and the “standbys.” 

The futures list establishes a place in line for those who are planning their future. Our standby list enables me to work with people who can’t wait to be part of our community, but they don’t know which floor plan they want. I really love opening the door to an available apartment home and seeing their faces light up. 

I always tell people it’s never too early to join the priority list. Not only does it establish your place in line for the apartment home of your choice, but it also gives you other perks and benefits.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the priority list, aside from getting the apartment home of your choice? 

Phillips: Joining the priority list also gives you access to enjoy programs and activities on the campus. Priority list members are invited to come experience life at Cedar Crest before making a decision to move here. They can explore our vibrant campus, take classes, join activities, and meet their future neighbors. Some members have even planted a garden in our campus garden area.

Priority list members are also invited to exclusive events throughout the year and are the first ones to know about any special incentives that might be offered on apartment homes.

Q: How does one join the priority list? 

Phillips: All it takes to join is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person nonrefundable application fee. 

When prospective residents submit their deposit, that date is noted as their priority list date. Once their preferred floor plan becomes available, the sales team gives first right of refusal to priority list members based on their joining date.

Q: What have you seen in the real estate market in the past few months from people selling their houses and moving to Cedar Crest? 

Phillips: The real estate market was wonderful in 2013, and we are seeing the same results in 2014.  In January, we brought in many new residents.  People are getting their homes listed now and seeing great activity. 

Q: What is Erickson Realty and Moving Services, and what does it offer? 

Phillips: Erickson Realty and Moving Services is Erickson Living’s way of helping to make selling your house and moving easier. We provide a personal moving consultant—an expert in real estate and moving (even down to furniture placement)—to take our priority list members step by step through selecting moving professionals, downsizing, and settling into their new home at Cedar Crest. And it’s complimentary to priority list members.

All recommended vendors have been thoroughly vetted by us, so you know you can trust them. Plus, using one of our preferred real estate agents qualifies priority list members to receive up to $2,000 back in moving costs. 

We realize moving is a big step, especially if you’ve been in your house for 20, 30, 40 years. But regardless of your fears or reservations, you can rest assured we will be there with you every step of the way. 

Q: What are your expectations of the real estate market this spring?  

Phillips: Our spring market is showing consistency with the positive results of 2013.  This is time to list your house.