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Taking on trivia

Eagle’s Trace residents square off in trivia contest

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March 21st, 2014
group of people playing trivia

Quick—on the television sitcom The Honeymooners, what was the name of Ralph’s bowling team?

If you answered the Hurricanes, you would have excelled at the recent Trace trivia night.

More than 60 residents participated in the contest, sponsored by the resident life committee at Erickson Living’s West Houston community.

Marilyn Black, chairman of the resident life committee, says the trivia contest was the first event of its kind at Eagle’s Trace. The group format allowed residents to work in teams of four or five. “There wasn’t as much pressure on each individual. The teams put their heads together to come up with the answers,” Marilyn says.

Jeopardy-style categories

Prior to the competition, contestants chose names for their teams. Team names ranged from serious (the Knowledge Seekers) to whimsical (I’m thinking, I’m thinking).

Once under way, teams answered questions across seven categories, including Texas trivia, movie trivia, vintage TV, general knowledge, world history, celebrity trivia, and U.S. geography.

Jim and Jerry Lax, twin brothers who live at Eagle’s Trace, recently went on a cruise that hosted a trivia night. Jim, a member of the resident life committee, tucked away some of the questions posed on the ship to use at the Eagle’s Trace trivia night.

“A few questions stumped the Eagle’s Trace teams,” says Jim. “When we asked about the state dance of Texas, most residents thought it was the Texas Two-Step. It’s actually the square dance.”

Thoughts to chew on

The winning team, the Knowledge Seekers, made up of Bob and Gail Holter, Fred and Karen Feigley, and Edna Hill, had the highest number of combined correct answers in the seven categories.

“It was a true team effort,” says Gail. “We played off each other’s strengths. Where one person might be knowledgeable about movies, another was strong in Texas trivia.”

Gail says some questions gave them pause.

“We couldn’t remember how many times Elizabeth Taylor had been married,” she says. “As it turned out, we were off by one. We forgot she married Senator John Warner.”

The Knowledge Seekers took home gift certificates to Eagle’s Trace restaurants for their win. The trivia contest also gave them something to talk about the next morning.

“Several residents meet downstairs in the lobby for coffee each morning,” says Gail. “We were still hashing out some of the questions and answers the next day. It was a great event. We had a ball.”