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Truly representative

Resident council links Springfield community together

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March 21st, 2014
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Representing the interests of the more than 1,900 people living at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., the Resident Council serves as the community’s voice in discussions with management and staff.

“There’s never a dull moment,” says Clint Lambert, president of the council. “With 224 ongoing clubs and groups on campus, we witness more than 900 events each year. It’s the council’s job to keep the lines of communication open between the residents and the staff.”

“The council’s goal is to seek the best possible community life for all of us,” says Carl Nemecek, council secretary. “At our best, we help resolve basic conflicts, improve communication, build trust and respect for each person, and work with the staff to make appropriate changes that strengthen life at Greenspring.”

It’s a big job

To meet the needs of the large community, the council meets for a two-hour work session on the second Monday of each month. 

“Council members discuss the current activities as well as items we believe should be brought to the executive director’s attention,” says Clint. “We are like any other democratic system. We ensure that residents have a say in how things are run in their community.”

Not all meetings go on behind closed doors. In addition to the monthly work sessions, the council holds a general council session, open to the entire community, on the fourth Monday of each month. At this time, management, led by Executive Director Jean Landreville and Resident Life Director Karla Hibbs, updates the community on important issues. 

This general session is videotaped and played four times the following week on in-house cable channel 6, for those residents unable to attend the meeting.

No stone left unturned

In addition to the 11 elected members, the council consists of nine committees, corresponding to the varied administrative departments at Greenspring: dining services, finance, general services, health services/medical center, human resources, resident life, and sales and information. Both dining and general services have two committees due to the size of each department.

Each committee includes a chair, secretary, and council liaison. They meet monthly with the director and various staff members of the department they represent.

Members of the committees are all volunteers eager to influence areas of interest or concern. 

“The end result of all these residents meeting and working together with management representatives is our strong campus life that empowers resident relationships and enhances life at Greenspring,” says Carl.

Leading by example

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