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Fitness is business as usual at Ann’s Choice

Residents enjoy a hassle-free experience at the fitness and aquatics center

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April 24th, 2014
(From left) Ann’s Choice residents Helen Kannengieszer, Judy Wright, and Doris Fina chat poolside at the campus aquatics center.
(From left) Ann’s Choice residents Helen Kannengie

When Helen and Emil Kannengieszer moved from Abington, Pa., to Choice, EricksonLiving’s community in Bucks County, Helen did two things she’d never done before: she started going to the gym, and she started taking an Aquatone water aerobics class. 

“I’d worked for an orthopedic practice, and they told me that the best exercises for my bad knees were water exercises,” Helen says. But driving to the pool and back and changing clothes twice was just too much trouble. 

At Ann’s Choice, however, it’s a cinch because the community’s fitness and aquatics center is right on campus. No driving required.

Personalized aqua-exercise plan

After receiving an okay from her doctor, Helen had an Ann’s Choice fitness center specialist create a training program just for her. Fitness Specialist Dan Cuevas recently reviewed and updated it to reflect Helen’s current capabilities. 

“My gym routine and water exercises are just part of my day now,” she says, “and I have better range of motion in my knees. I can even grab my foot behind me in the pool. I couldn’t before.” 

Judy Wright takes Aquatone, too. Offered three days a week, the class stays interesting and fun because the fitness specialists alternate in leading it. When Heidi Barke leads, for example, the routines reflect her 12 years of dance lessons. 

“I’ve had a hip and a knee replaced,” says Judy. “My joints never feel better than just after the Aquatone class.” 

Following decades of arthritis, Judy’s a veteran of water exercise, but she disliked having to plan her day around getting to and from class. “Now I walk down the hall,” she says. 

When Aquatone ends, participants linger in the pool or hot tub to socialize. 

Fitness to suit your schedule

While Judy and Helen have logged hundreds of visits to the fitness center, Doris Fina is one of just three residents who have topped a 2,000-visit milestone. 

She and her late husband moved to Ann’s Choice after caring for his parents and her father. “We came for security,” she says. “The fitness center was a bonus.”

Its 24/7 open hours suit her schedule. Because Doris goes to bed early, she’s wide-awake when her biological clock goes off at 3 a.m. So four days a week she heads to the gym to strength-train. Two other residents work out then, too, so gym time is also social time.

“Some days I have to make myself go,” Doris says. “But when I come home, I feel so good!” 

On non-workout days, Doris takes 7 a.m. walks. Walking is the most popular form of exercise at Ann’s Choice, and it’s built into the lifestyle. Interior hallways and climate-controlled bridges connect all the buildings, enabling residents to walk to every campus activity and amenity. 

In nice weather, they can ramble the 103 beautifully maintained acres on campus or explore Warminster Community Park next door. 

But walking isn’t the only built-in benefit. Ann’s Choice physicians have their offices in the full-service campus medical center, campus restaurants provide an abundant array of tempting and healthy choices, and friendly smiles and neighborly hellos are everywhere.  

“You can be alone here,” says Doris, “but you can’t be lonely unless you choose to be.”