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Lots of people, lots of activities

Moving to Ann’s Choice provided exactly what this resident wanted

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April 24th, 2014
Resident George Gibson attends weekly yoga classes at Ann’s Choice.
Resident George Gibson attends weekly yoga classes

After exploring an active-55 community and several retirement communities, George Gibson moved from a 4,500-square-foot house in Feasterville, Pa., to Choice, EricksonLiving’s community in Bucks County. 

“The others weren’t right for me,” he says. “I would have been alone [in my house] at an over-55 community. And while the retirement communities certainly had a lot of help if you needed it, that’s not what I was looking for. I wanted lots of activities and lots of people around me.”

Ann’s Choice delivers

George is considered legally blind, having lost much of his sight three years ago. As a result, his exterior home maintenance became increasingly difficult, and he realized the wisdom of moving to a community like Ann’s Choice.

But home-maintenance chores might be the only thing George gave up when he moved to Ann’s Choice. He’s made adaptations because of his vision problems, but he hasn’t changed his active, fitness-oriented lifestyle.  

An avid skier before he lost his sight, George returned to Vail, Colo., this February “to ski on some of the easier slopes,” he says, hitting the slopes with an official ski buddy. 

While he was in Colorado, the Ann’s Choice round-the-clock security team ensured that his home would be just as he’d left it. All George had to do was lock his door and tell the front desk he was leaving. 

His comfortable extra-large, Franklin floor plan is one of 23 different two-bedroom apartment styles at Ann’s Choice. Some have patios or balconies. 

He calls his “the penthouse” because it’s on the fifth floor. 

Its second bedroom provides two generous-sized closets and more-than-ample space for George’s large desk and extensive computer gear. Special magnifying software lets him surf the Web, send and receive email, and read documents with ease.

Routine but never boring

He starts every day with 45 minutes of slow yoga-based stretches at home. The routine helps his balance and has eliminated decades-long back problems. 

Six days a week he takes an elevator to the campus fitness center for upper or lower body workouts, core and balance exercises, and cardio on the treadmill. Once a week, he adds a line dancing, yoga, or Zumba class. 

And every Thursday, he lunches at Chuck E. Cheese with two granddaughters—a two-year-old and a four-year-old—and their mom. 

“I can’t imagine how two little girls can wear me out,” he laughs. When he comes home, he turns on an audio book and dozes off.

George has made friends everywhere on campus. One of the best places to meet people, says George, is at dinner in any of the restaurants at Ann’s Choice because staff always seats him with other residents. He never dines alone.  

On Sundays, he often hosts his Feasterville and Warminster friends to a bountiful brunch right on campus.