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Loving life on a smaller scale

Well-traveled woman comes home to New Jersey

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April 23rd, 2014
Beverly Canham’s vintage style is all the rage. Classic French bergere chairs stand out, while a floral ottoman and complementary striped pillows accent the room.
Beverly Canham’s vintage style is all the rage. Cl

Beverly Canham has lived all over the U.S., but to her, New Jersey is home. So when she retired to North Carolina, it’s no wonder she was packing up her bags a year later and heading “home.” 

“I took a year lease in North Carolina, but I decided it wasn’t for me,” she says.

Her preference for New Jersey over North Carolina wasn’t the only thing Beverly learned during her transition. “I learned that the fewer possessions you have, the less you have to do with them,” she says.

So she gladly downsized a second time and chose a one-bedroom, Brighton-style apartment home at Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, just minutes from where her daughter lives. 

A place to call her own

“I wanted something cozy and easy to take care of,” Beverly says. “I thought the Brighton was a delightful apartment.” 

What’s more, she was able to customize it to suit her taste. As a professional artist who spent years in the show circuit, she has an eye for decorating.

Before moving from North Carolina, Beverly worked with Seabrook sales staff to hire an outside company to make some changes to her apartment home. 

She outfitted the kitchen with dark cherry cabinets, a glass tile backsplash, and black Ubatuba granite to give the room a polished, elegant look.

She had oak hardwood floors installed and painted the walls a soothing color scheme. Aside from custom paint, paintings of her own and of fellow artists adorn her walls. 

Upon entering, one is greeted with walls of soft, dusty green and light cream. The color scheme carries into the open living and dining area, where a small ottoman upholstered in florals of soft green, pink, and cream accent a cream-colored sofa and upholstered French bergere chairs with ivory legs and arms. 

Gilded frames of several paintings accent the gold scrolling of the two chairs, and a cherry curio cabinet sparkles with 65 pieces of Swarovski crystal she has collected over the years.

When she dines at home, she sits at a 39-inch round cherry table outfitted with two parsons chairs. But usually she enjoys dinner with friends at one of Seabrook’s two dinner restaurants, followed by a game of cards. 

“I cooked for a lot of years, so I don’t cook a lot now,” she admits. That’s another reason the Brighton suits her needs to a tee. She doesn’t need an enormous kitchen, so why care for one, she reasons.

Straying from the greens, she painted her bedroom and bath a pale blue. “I find blue to be a very restful color,” she says. A walk-through closet connects her bedroom to the full bath, which is also accessible from the foyer. 

Life on a smaller scale

Beverly’s taste in apartment living isn’t the only thing she prefers on a smaller scale. Her ten-year-old toy poodle Ariana weighs just three pounds. 

Beverly spends much of her time with Ariana, a certified registered therapy dog. They visit hospitals and retirement communities and plan to get involved with Seabrook’s on-site continuing care neighborhood. They also participate in doggie fashion shows put on by Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.

Aside from pet therapy, Beverly spends her time crocheting blankets for babies in need with a Seabrook-based group called Blankie Makers, playing cards with friends, and enjoying dinner “with the girls every evening.”

“Other than that, I haven’t gotten involved in much yet,” she says. 

So where has she been spending her time? In her home, of course. “I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the apartment the way I want it,” she says. “I don’t need much, but I like what I have to be a certain way.”


Long-distance move easy with the right help

Beverly Canham moved across four states and renovated her new Seabrook home with just a few phone calls. “[The Seabrook sales staff] were really gracious and helpful in a number of ways,” she says. “They were really great at moving [me] from a distance.”

Beverly was able to call her new community in New Jersey with questions or concerns, directives or dates from her then-North Carolina home and get immediate, personalized assistance from friendly, helpful staff members. 

They recommended a moving company, someone to help her unpack, and a builder to customize her new apartment home. So when she was ready to move in, it was ready for her.