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Growing from within

Culinary careers take shape in Fox Run’s dining venues

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May 21st, 2014
fox run staff

Fox Run’s dining services department provides jobs to dozens of local high school students. Many of the students work as servers in the community’s four on-site restaurants, which serve 1,000 delicious meals to residents and employees every day. Recently, style="font-size: 0.923em; line-height: 1.5em;"> Fox Run promoted five former student servers to management positions within the dining services department.

Raquel Kassab became the service manager at the Fireside Restaurant, Rojxhi Tuxhari was promoted to Fireside dining supervisor, Amanda Rhode is the new service manager at Signatures Restaurant, Joe Coffelt was promoted to supervisor of the Hunt Club Café and Jeffrey Hepler ascended to the role of dining supervisor of Signatures and Rose Court dining. 

The shifts at Fox Run’s restaurants are conducive to students’ school schedules, allowing them to earn extra money while keeping up with their studies and developing professional skills.

Dynamic team

“These new managers all started with us in high school and have advanced in their culinary careers at Fox Run,” Dining Services Director Kevin Cunningham says. “We are proud of our dynamic team of young leaders.”

Rhode says that working as a server at Fox Run was her very first job in high school. She discovered that she enjoyed working in the service industry and wanted to further her career in the field. Rhode decided to major in hospitality business in college and now looks forward to growing in her new managerial role at Fox Run.

“What I like best about working for Fox Run are the residents,” Rhode says. “I have met so many amazing people that are literally like family to me now after seeing each other on a daily basis and getting to know them so well.”

Hepler started working at Fox Run as a server in 2003 before his senior year of high school to earn money for college. He went on to study math and science in college but realized that he preferred to work in the hospitality industry. So he returned to his roots at Fox Run. In addition to growing his career, Hepler says he also derives personal satisfaction from the close relationships he has with his colleagues and the residents.

“Fox Run feels like family,” Hepler says.

Commitment and trust

As a student server, Kassab says she was exposed to other areas of the dining services department, like catering and front-of-house management. 

“Having gained all of this knowledge by working in these areas helped in building my interest in eventually becoming a manager,” Kassab says.

Staff Development Manager Lola Johnson-Hamilton says the fact that these five new managers have all worked at Fox Run for several years makes them particularly valuable to the community and to the dining services department.

“Although they are fairly new to their roles, they are well-seasoned when it comes to the culture here at Fox Run,” Johnson-Hamilton says. “They understand the operation at all levels. These employees have built strong relationships with the residents, and they bring a sense of commitment and trust to the community and the residents.”