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What’s age got to do with it?

Younger retirees are moving to CCRCs for good reason

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May 29th, 2014
In spite of their off-campus commitments, Maris Grove residents Elaine and Noel Turner make time for lunch in the community’s Grove Pub & Bistro.
In spite of their off-campus commitments, Maris Gr

If ever a couple represented the vibrant lifestyle available at Grove, EricksonLiving’s continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Delaware County, Pa., it’s Elaine and Noel Turner.

The couple moved from nearby Media early last year.

A retired attorney, Noel has turned his avocation of officiating at college lacrosse games into the less physically demanding job of assigning and observing the officials in District 3, which he covers.

His job takes him from the Pennsylvania-Delaware border into New York.

Elaine, a “forever mom” with a vivacious personality, is also out and about. Because the Turners live halfway between each of their two children, she’s able to cheer on their five grandkids at all of their sports events, swim meets, and school programs.

So why did such a spirited 70-something couple move to a “retirement” community? 

Peace of mind

“Both our parents lived in continuing care communities, and an uncle moved to one when he was 90,” says Elaine. “We learned that if you wait too long to move, your health can become an issue and you no longer have freedom [to do what you’d like].”

The Turners aim to take full advantage of everything Maris Grove offers, including its on-campus fitness and aquatics center, 180-some different activities, and a travel group that journeys near and far. 

And they have the security of knowing that, should they need it, fee-for-service medical care, rehabilitation, and skilled care are all on-site. 

They see nothing restrictive about life at Maris Grove. 

“We have a lot of fun,” says Elaine. “It’s very interesting living here. There’s such a mix of ages. But really, age has nothing to do with it. People have traveled different paths in life, and the older people aren’t curling up in a corner.” 

She doubts that she and Noel will do that either. “We’re both participators,” she says. 

Last year they joined the travel group on a trip through the Hudson River Valley. This autumn they’ll take a ten-day “fall colors” trip to New England.

They’ve made scores of new friends and enjoy sampling area restaurants.

Because of his work schedule, Noel does his treadmill walking early in the day. He’s heading home from the campus fitness center as many Maris Grove employees arrive at work.

Elaine exercises at the aquatics center with one of her neighbors and has also joined the Blanket Circle, a group that knits blankets or adds crocheted edging to fleece blankets to donate to Project Linus.

The stars aligned

The Turners’ spacious apartment home gives Noel privacy for work-related phone calls, even when Elaine entertains friends. The home’s state-of-the-art kitchen lets her cook for her dinner group, and the second bedroom—with its own full bath—pampers guests.

The Turners’ move seemed preordained. Shortly after Maris Grove Personal Moving Consultant Suzanne McAllister showed them the apartment they now live in, the preferred real estate agent she recommended sold their house in one day.

“Everything just fell in line, so this is where we’re meant to be,” says Elaine. “We feel very blessed.”