Show your national pride

Created date

June 25th, 2014

When I was at New York’s Israeli Day Parade this year, I was waving both Israeli and Canadian flags. The reason for the Israeli one was obvious, but because two of my four grandchildren live in Canada, I waved that one in their honor and made sure to tell them about it. I was demonstrating openly to them that love of country is important, sometimes even if it’s not your own.

I was there at the founding moments of Israel as a sniper in the Haganah, the freedom fighters, and I was severely wounded in a bomb blast during that war. I paid my dues, so when it comes to instilling a pride in the Jewish state, I’m in the enviable position of being able to paint a vivid picture. And as an immigrant who lived in Nazi Germany again, I can easily communicate to them how vital the freedoms we sometimes take for granted are. 

But 1776 may seem like the distant past to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and it’s often easier to complain about what’s wrong with the United States today than praise it. 

Avoid negativity

There are those who only complain about their spouse, students who do nothing but criticize their schools, employees who carp about their employer, voters who stay home on election day because “all politicians are crooks.” If you exhibit such negative attitudes, you will surely pass some of that on to your family. 

Is the United States perfect? No, but in general we get more things right than wrong. So if we want future generations to be proud to call themselves Americans, then we must do what we can to make them proud. Rather than complaining, we need to support our leaders. The majority work hard to make this land a better place. And if there’s something you don’t like about your community, then jump in and take action. Tutor at a local school, actively campaign for the politician of your choice, and make a point of showing your family the good things about this country. Take family on trips to national monuments. Show them where our history was made. Expressing positivism about this land of ours will not only help color their views of their country but also of life itself.