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Tips for summer selling

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June 26th, 2014
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Houses sell at all times of the year, and serious buyers are looking all year-round. Each season, there are different ways to prepare your house to attract a prospective buyer. 

During the summer months, your landscape is in full bloom. As the saying goes, “first impressions are lasting impressions,” and this holds true from the moment a prospective buyer drives by a home for sale. When preparing your home and landscaping for a summer sale, be sure to take the time to have your lawn looking green, weed-free, and freshly mown. Trim back your shrubbery from that burst of spring growth, edge and mulch your beds, and have planters of summer flowers at your doorways. A freshly painted front door with a seasonal wreath makes your entrance welcoming and inviting.

Outside oasis 

If you have a patio or deck, be sure to freshen up this area with a cleaning or new deck stain. Have your patio furniture out and ready for buyers to sit and enjoy your outdoor space. Planters with flowers on your deck also add a burst of color and freshness. Your patio and deck are an extension of your home offering an outdoor retreat, so be sure they are as welcoming as your interior.

As you think about preparing your home’s interior during the summer months, think light, bright, and airy. Remove dark draperies and pull open blinds or shades and let the light in. Don’t forget to have your windows cleaned.

Spruce up your décor with summer-influenced accents such as lighter-colored throw pillows. Include vases of fresh-cut flowers from your garden. Be sure to have your real estate agent open your windows to let the fresh air in if it’s not too hot. Turn on the air-conditioning or have fans on to keep the air circulating. This will prevent a closed-in, stuffy feeling during the summer selling season.   

By following these summer-selling tips, your house and landscape will sparkle in the eyes of a prospective buyer.