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Amenities draw active retirees to Fox Run

Restaurants, fitness center, superior health care, and much more

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July 21st, 2014
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Most people know that when you move to Run, you will have about 1,000 other active retirees as neighbors. But Associate Executive Director Fred Moschetta says that what you may not know is that you also will “live with” your personal chef, your primary care physician, your personal trainer and your acute care coordinator. Those professional services are just a few of the amenities available to people who live at the Novi, Mich., Erickson Living community. 

Health and fitness. In addition to a full-service medical center with dedicated physicians who work on site full time, Fox Run also has licensed emergency medical technicians for urgent medical needs. Every apartment home features convenient pull cords if immediate medical assistance is needed. Other health care services include an on-site pharmacy, short-term rehabilitation, physical therapy services, an on-site continuing care neighborhood, and Erickson Advantage health insurance. 

To help residents stay physically fit, there is an on-site fitness and aquatics center with state-of the-art exercise equipment, personal trainers, and a full lineup of group fitness classes. The aquatics center features a heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi. 

Convenience store and bank. Running errands is easier for Fox Run residents because a convenience store and a bank are located on campus. When residents do need to go to the grocery store or nearby shopping malls, they can drive their own car or use Fox Run’s shuttle buses. 

Restaurants. Mealtimes are always a highlight at Fox Run. Residents can choose from among four full-service restaurants that offer a variety of entrées each day. 

Activities and social clubs. Living at Fox Run makes it convenient for residents to enjoy their leisure time. There are dozens of resident-run clubs and committees. Daily activities run the gamut from yoga classes and water aerobics to theater outings and book clubs. Fox Run is equipped with an art studio, billiards and game room, fully stocked woodshop, library, and theater for live performances and movies. 

“The abundance of activities and amenities are right outside your front door. Someone living at Fox Run can be as active as they want to be or private as they choose to be,” Moschetta says. “Everything is here that anyone could ever want or need. By choosing to live at Fox Run, our residents have the active lifestyle they want today and the peace of mind they may need in the future, should their health care needs change.”

A cut above the rest

Ed Hickey and his wife Marion moved to Fox Run in April. They had previously lived in a 3,000-square-foot house in Novi, which Ed says was more space than they needed after their children moved out. The couple looked at other local retirement communities but quickly concluded that Fox Run was the right choice for them.

“[Other Detroit area retirement communities] aren’t even in the same ballpark as Fox Run,” Ed says.

One of the amenities that appealed most to Ed and Marion is Fox Run’s flexible dining program. Residents can choose a meal plan that fits their lifestyle and redeem meals at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or use meals to treat guests at one of the on-site restaurants. 

 “Other communities would have, at the very most, three entrées, and they didn’t have this expanded dinner hour. You were told what time to be there,” Ed says.

Staying physically fit is a priority for Ed and Marion, and Fox Run has everything they need to stay in shape. Marion has needed physical therapy, and having those services available on site at Fox Run makes it convenient to get to appointments, especially during winter when driving can be hazardous. The couple has their own off-site doctors, but Ed says it gives them peace of mind to know that medical services are available at Fox Run if they ever need them.

“We wanted to continue to keep ourselves healthy, and everything is here that we need,” Ed says. “I’ve been down to the fitness center every other morning, so that was definitely a draw for me.”

Ed says he and Marion were also impressed with the apartment homes at Fox Run. They have a two-bedroom home with two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a spacious living and dining room. 

“The apartments at other places weren’t close to what you have here; they were little tiny places,” Ed says.

Not only do Ed and Marion enjoy their apartment home, but they also feel safe there because they are protected by around-the-clock security.

“You have to wonder if one night [criminals] will break into your house,” Ed says. “[At Fox Run], we know here that is not going to happen. If you travel, it’s so easy to close it up and go.”

Built-in social network

Donna Edgerton moved to Fox Run at the beginning of the year from Plymouth. She says the amenities that appealed most to her are the things that enable her to have an active social life.

“I was getting sick and tired of eating dinner by myself,” Donna says.

At Fox Run, Donna never has to eat alone. Dinner is a social event for residents, and Donna says dining at Fox Run’s restaurants has made it easy for her to become acquainted with her neighbors.

“It’s really great that you can get a table with different people every night because that is how you get to know people,” Donna says. “And the food is wonderful.”

Donna spends a lot of time in Fox Run’s well-stocked library, where she works as a volunteer. She also makes a point to attend live music performances and movies in the community’s performing arts center. 

Donna also enjoys connecting with other residents who share her interests by participating in the resident-run clubs. She is already a member of the book club and the genealogy club. 

“I’m keeping as busy as I want to,” Donna says.