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Erickson Realty and Moving Services

How Riderwood takes the hassle out of moving

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July 21st, 2014
headshots of personal moving consultants at Riderwood

The perks of living at . start long before you even move to the community. Prospective residents have access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a program through which personal moving consultants provide complimentary, professional assistance throughout every stage of the move.

Personal Moving Consultant Kimberly Schoeberlein says that for members of Riderwood’s priority list, the process begins with a home visit with either her or her colleague Personal Moving Consultant Diane Thometz. Riderwood has a partnership with Let’s Move, a local senior move management company that handles many of the logistics of residents’ moves. Schoeberlein and Thometz are on hand throughout the process to coordinate all of the other professionals helping with the move.

“[The Let’s Move staff] are the true worker bees in the downsizing, packing, and move coordination with the movers,” Schoeberlein says. “We oversee their efforts and make sure everyone is happy.”

During the initial consultation, Schoeberlein or Thometz conduct a downsizing assessment and begin providing referrals to other moving professionals as needed. Personal moving consultants have a host of professionals at their fingertips—from charitable organizations and junk haulers to book buyers and antique dealers—that can assist with any downsizing project.

Trusted real estate agents, faster sales

If desired, Schoeberlein and Thometz connect homeowners with a preferred real estate agent who has a proven track record helping Riderwood residents sell their houses. The real estate agent provides a complimentary market analysis and offers advice on how to prepare the house for a successful sale.

“We handpick one of our preferred real estate agents who is familiar with the specific area or neighborhood. Our agents are truly full-service,” Schoeberlein says. “They are willing to go above and beyond for our clients—from getting written estimates for suggested modifications and repairs to meeting the repairmen, as well as giving access to painters, handymen, stagers, and professional photographers to get the house in top shape before putting it on the market.”

Unpacked and settled in

Moving assistance doesn’t end with selling the house. Riderwood’s personal moving consultants also help incoming residents with space planning and floor plan design. Schoeberlein says that service helps to ensure that residents can fit all of their favorite furniture pieces in their new apartment homes. 

In addition, Schoeberlein and Thometz help coordinate the details of the actual move, including packing, transporting, and unpacking. They provide a cost estimate for all of the required moving services and coordinate all of the other companies that are involved with the move. Typically, Let’s Move and a Riderwood-recommended moving company work together to execute the move. Residents can opt to include packing and unpacking services to make the process even easier.

“It’s a well-tuned machine—our movers know our campus and work well with Let’s Move to shorten the timeframe of the move,” Schoeberlein says. “We want everyone unpacked and settled before dinner on their first day at Riderwood.”

Even people who have children and grandchildren available to help them move find that using Erickson Realty and Moving Services makes the process run more smoothly. Schoeberlein says relatives are always welcome to assist with residents’ moves, but she and her team are available to make the move easier on everyone.

“Most family members work Monday through Friday when the majority of moves take place,” Schoeberlein says. “We encourage family to help with hanging family photos and artwork after we’ve gotten all the furniture set in place and boxes unpacked and disposed of.”

Making moving more affordable

Using Erickson Realty and Moving Services not only makes moving less stressful, but it also can make it less expensive. Schoeberlein says people who use the service receive $1,000 toward unpacking services. And people who use one of Riderwood’s preferred real estate agents receive an additional $2,000 for moving expenses after the sale of their house.

“This offsets moving costs by 50% or greater in most cases,” Schoeberlein says. 

Best of all, there isn’t a big cost associated with taking advantage of the service. Schoeberlein says members of Riderwood’s priority list have unlimited access to a personal moving consultant and all of their resources throughout the entire process. Some of those professional services, such as hiring an estate sale manager, may come with a fee, but Schoeberlein says she makes sure people are aware of any costs before agreeing to use a resource.

And, she adds, “Many of our resources provide services without any cost at all.”