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Flights of fancy

Jet-setting Eagle’s Trace residents embrace their freedom to travel

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July 21st, 2014
Eagle's Trace travel group

Carolyn Pierson took full advantage of her priority list membership while she was waiting to move to Trace, the Erickson Living community in West Houston.

“I came to every event for a year and a half before I moved in,” says Carolyn. “I was tired of living in a four-bedroom house by myself. It got lonely.”

Convinced that Eagle’s Trace was where she wanted to live, Carolyn sold her Missouri City house and settled in a one-bedroom, Gilman-style apartment home with a den. 

“I don’t get lonely now,” says Carolyn. “There’s always something to do.”

Carolyn joined the community’s line-dancing group. She also made room in her schedule to travel, something she set aside for five years during her late husband’s illness.

Canvassing the globe

“My husband and I loved to travel,” says Carolyn. “Once our children were grown, I worked as a travel agent for nine years.”

Now Carolyn’s daughter works as a travel agent, specializing in cruises. Carolyn has two cruises booked throughout the remainder of the year, along with two other trips to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and California’s wine country that she’s taking with other Eagle’s Trace neighbors.

Last year, Carolyn joined members of her line-dancing group on a repositioning cruise from Barcelona, Spain, to Galveston, Tex., which means the ship was being transferred from one port to another.

“I heard several friends talking about the Barcelona cruise during one of our line-dancing practices,” says Carolyn. “They invited me to join them, so off we went. I let the front desk know when I was leaving and when I planned to return. I didn’t worry about a thing while I was away.”

No worries

Carolyn isn’t the only Eagle’s Trace resident who appreciates the community’s worry-free lifestyle.

Jane Donley moved to the West Houston community three and a half years ago, around the same time as Carolyn. The two became fast friends and traveling buddies. Last year, they took an Eastern European river cruise together.

“I just close my door and go,” says Jane. “I can even schedule a ride to and from the airport with the Eagle’s Trace transportation department for a very reasonable fee. It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

Jane’s travel plans include an upcoming trip to Western Canada and a Tampa, Fla., reunion with friends from her hometown in Greenville, Pa.

“I like the excitement that builds before a trip,” says Jane. “And living here allows me to meet other people who share that enthusiasm. Carolyn and I didn’t know each other before we moved to Eagle’s Trace, but it didn’t take long for us to realize we’d be good traveling companions.”

Traveling with friends

Tina Felps, trips coordinator at Eagle’s Trace, says the community’s built-in social network allows residents to build on their common interests.

“We have a number of residents who enjoy traveling, both on trips they plan as well as trips I put together,” says Felps. “It’s fun to go places with friends.”

Felps plans several vacations a year that are offered to Eagle’s Trace residents. She coordinated this year’s trips to Pigeon Forge and the California wine country.

“Often residents will pop into my office and offer suggestions of places they’d like to go,” says Felps. “I try to make the trips as convenient as I can for the residents. I have buses pick them up at the front door when they leave and drop them off at Eagle’s Trace when they return. It’s fun to hear their stories when they get back.”